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! RUN: %python %S/ %s %flang_fc1
! Testing for pointer constant, along with :
! C751 A component shall not have both the ALLOCATABLE and POINTER attributes.
! C752 If the CONTIGUOUS attribute is specified, the component shall be an
! array with the POINTER attribute.
! C753 The * char-length option is permitted only if the component is of type
! character.
subroutine s()
!ERROR: 'nullint' may not have both the POINTER and PARAMETER attributes
integer, pointer, parameter :: nullint => null()
type derivedType
!ERROR: 'pointerallocatablefield' may not have both the POINTER and ALLOCATABLE attributes
real, pointer, allocatable :: pointerAllocatableField
real, dimension(:), contiguous, pointer :: goodContigField
!ERROR: A CONTIGUOUS component must be an array with the POINTER attribute
real, dimension(:), contiguous, allocatable :: badContigField
character :: charField * 3
!ERROR: A length specifier cannot be used to declare the non-character entity 'realfield'
real :: realField * 3
end type derivedType
end subroutine s