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! RUN: %python %S/ %s %flang_fc1
! C721 A type-param-value of * shall be used only
! * to declare a dummy argument,
! * to declare a named constant,
! * in the type-spec of an ALLOCATE statement wherein each allocate-object is
! a dummy argument of type CHARACTER with an assumed character length,
! * in the type-spec or derived-type-spec of a type guard statement (11.1.11),
! or
! * in an external function, to declare the character length parameter of the function result.
subroutine s(arg)
character(len=*), pointer :: arg
character*(*), parameter :: cvar1 = "abc"
character*4, cvar2
character(len=4_4) :: cvar3
!ERROR: An assumed (*) type parameter may be used only for a (non-statement function) dummy argument, associate name, named constant, or external function result
character(len=*) :: cvar4
type derived(param)
integer, len :: param
class(*), allocatable :: x
end type
type(derived(34)) :: a
function fun()
character(len=4) :: fun
end function fun
end interface
select type (ax => a%x)
type is (integer)
print *, "hello"
type is (character(len=*))
print *, "hello"
class is (derived(param=*))
print *, "hello"
class default
print *, "hello"
end select
allocate (character(len=*) :: arg)
end subroutine s