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! RUN: %python %S/ %s %flang_fc1
! Error tests for structure constructors.
! Errors caught by expression resolution are tested elsewhere; these are the
! errors meant to be caught by name resolution, as well as acceptable use
! cases.
! Type parameters are used to make the parses unambiguous.
module module1
type :: type1(j)
integer, kind :: j
integer :: n = 1
end type type1
type, extends(type1) :: type2(k)
integer, kind :: k
integer :: m
end type type2
type :: privaten(j)
integer, kind :: j
integer, private :: n
end type privaten
subroutine type1arg(x)
type(type1(0)), intent(in) :: x
end subroutine type1arg
subroutine type2arg(x)
type(type2(0,0)), intent(in) :: x
end subroutine type2arg
subroutine errors
call type1arg(type1(0)())
call type1arg(type1(0)(1))
call type1arg(type1(0)(n=1))
!ERROR: Keyword 'bad=' does not name a component of derived type 'type1'
call type1arg(type1(0)(bad=1))
call type2arg(type2(0,0)(n=1,m=2))
call type2arg(type2(0,0)(m=2))
call type2arg(type2(0,0)(type1=type1(0)(n=1),m=2))
call type2arg(type2(0,0)(type1=type1(0)(),m=2))
end subroutine errors
end module module1
module module2
!ERROR: No definition found for type parameter 'k'
type :: type1(k)
end type
type(type1):: x
end module