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! RUN: %python %S/ %s %flang_fc1
subroutine s1
implicit none
real(8) :: x = 2.0
!ERROR: The associate name 'a' is already used in this associate statement
associate(a => x, b => x+1, a => x+2)
x = b
end associate
!ERROR: No explicit type declared for 'b'
x = b
subroutine s2
!ERROR: Associate name 'a' must have a type
associate (a => z'1')
end associate
subroutine s3
! Test that associated entities are not preventing to fix
! mis-parsed function references into array references
real :: a(10)
associate (b => a(2:10:2))
! Check no complains about "Use of 'b' as a procedure"
print *, b(1) ! OK
end associate
associate (c => a(2:10:2))
! Check the function reference has been fixed to an array reference
!ERROR: Reference to array 'c' with empty subscript list
print *, c()
end associate