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! RUN: %python %S/ %s %flang_fc1
module m1
integer :: x
integer :: y
integer :: z
integer, parameter :: k1 = selected_int_kind(9)
module m2
real :: y
real :: z
real :: w
integer, parameter :: k2 = selected_int_kind(9)
program p1
use m1
use m2
! check that selected_int_kind is not use-associated
integer, parameter :: k = selected_int_kind(9)
program p2
use m1, xx => x, y => z
use m2
volatile w
!ERROR: Cannot change CONTIGUOUS attribute on use-associated 'w'
contiguous w
!ERROR: 'z' is use-associated from module 'm2' and cannot be re-declared
integer z
!ERROR: Reference to 'y' is ambiguous
y = 1