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! RUN: %python %S/ %s %flang -fopenmp
! OpenMP Version 4.5
! 2.7.4 workshare Construct
! All array assignments, scalar assignments, and masked array assignments
! must be intrinsic assignments.
module defined_assign
interface assignment(=)
module procedure work_assign
end interface
subroutine work_assign(a,b)
integer, intent(out) :: a
logical, intent(in) :: b(:)
end subroutine work_assign
end module defined_assign
program omp_workshare
use defined_assign
integer :: a, aa(10), bb(10)
logical :: l(10)
l = .TRUE.
!$omp workshare
!ERROR: Defined assignment statement is not allowed in a WORKSHARE construct
a = l
aa = bb
!$omp end workshare
end program omp_workshare