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! RUN: %S/ %s %t %flang -fopenmp
! XFAIL: *
! OpenMP Version 4.5
! 2.9.2 taskloop Construct
! All loops associated with the taskloop construct must be perfectly nested,
! there must be no intervening code or any OpenMP directive between
! any two loops
program omp_taskloop
integer i, j
!$omp taskloop private(j) grainsize(500) nogroup
do i=1, 10000
do j=1, i
call loop_body(i, j)
end do
!ERROR: Loops associated with !$omp taskloop is not perfectly nested
!$omp single
print *, "omp single"
!$omp end single
end do
!$omp end taskloop
end program omp_taskloop