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! RUN: %python %S/ %s %flang_fc1 -fopenmp
! 2.15.3 Data-Sharing Attribute Clauses
! A list item that specifies a given variable may not appear in more than
! one clause on the same directive, except that a variable may be specified
! in both firstprivate and lastprivate clauses.
!DEF: /MainProgram1/a (Implicit) ObjectEntity REAL(4)
a = 1.
!$omp parallel do firstprivate(a) lastprivate(a)
!DEF: /MainProgram1/Block1/i (OmpPrivate, OmpPreDetermined) HostAssoc INTEGER(4)
do i=1,10
!DEF: /MainProgram1/Block1/a (OmpFirstPrivate, OmpLastPrivate) HostAssoc REAL(4)
a = 2.
end do
end program