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! RUN: %python %S/ %s %flang_fc1 -fopenmp
! 2.15.2 threadprivate Directive
! The threadprivate directive specifies that variables are replicated,
! with each thread having its own copy. When threadprivate variables are
! referenced in the OpenMP region, we know they are already private to
! their threads, so no new symbol needs to be created.
!DEF: /mm Module
module mm
!$omp threadprivate (i)
!DEF: /mm/foo PUBLIC (Subroutine) Subprogram
subroutine foo
!DEF: /mm/foo/a ObjectEntity INTEGER(4)
integer :: a = 3
!$omp parallel
!REF: /mm/foo/a
a = 1
!DEF: /mm/i PUBLIC (Implicit, OmpThreadprivate) ObjectEntity INTEGER(4)
!REF: /mm/foo/a
i = a
!$omp end parallel
!REF: /mm/foo/a
print *, a
!DEF: /mm/foo/Block2/i ObjectEntity REAL(4)
real i
!REF: /mm/foo/Block2/i
i = 3.14
end block
end subroutine foo
end module mm
!DEF: /tt MainProgram
program tt
!REF: /mm
use :: mm
!DEF: /tt/foo (Subroutine) Use
call foo
end program tt