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! RUN: %python %S/ %s %flang_fc1 -fopenmp
! 1.4.1 Structure of the OpenMP Memory Model
! Test implicit declaration in the OpenMP directive enclosing scope
! through clause; also test to avoid creating multiple symbols for
! the same variable
!DEF: /MainProgram1/b (Implicit) ObjectEntity REAL(4)
b = 2
!DEF: /MainProgram1/c (Implicit) ObjectEntity REAL(4)
c = 0
!$omp parallel private(a,b) shared(c,d)
!DEF: /MainProgram1/Block1/a (OmpPrivate) HostAssoc REAL(4)
a = 3.
!DEF: /MainProgram1/Block1/b (OmpPrivate) HostAssoc REAL(4)
b = 4
!REF: /MainProgram1/c
c = 5
!DEF: /MainProgram1/d (Implicit) ObjectEntity REAL(4)
d = 6
!$omp end parallel
!DEF: /MainProgram1/a (Implicit) ObjectEntity REAL(4)
print *, a
end program