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! RUN: %python %S/ %s %flang -fopenmp
! OpenMP Version 4.5
! copyin Clause
! A list item that appears in a copyin clause must be threadprivate.
! Named variables appearing in a threadprivate common block may be specified
! It is not necessary to specify the whole common block.
program omp_copyin
integer :: a(10), b(10)
common /cmn/ j, k
!$omp threadprivate(/cmn/)
j = 20
k = 10
!$omp parallel copyin(/cmn/)
a(:5) = k
b(:5) = j
!$omp end parallel
j = j + k
k = k * j
!$omp parallel copyin(j, k)
a(6:) = j
b(6:) = k
!$omp end parallel
print *, a, b
end program omp_copyin