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!RUN: %flang_fc1 -fdebug-dump-symbols %s | FileCheck %s
! Size and alignment with EQUIVALENCE and COMMON
! a1 depends on a2 depends on a3
module ma
real :: a1(10), a2(10), a3(10)
equivalence(a1, a2(3)) !CHECK: a1, PUBLIC size=40 offset=20:
equivalence(a2, a3(4)) !CHECK: a2, PUBLIC size=40 offset=12:
!CHECK: a3, PUBLIC size=40 offset=0:
! equivalence and 2-dimensional array
module mb
real :: b1(4), b2, b3, b4
real :: b(-1:1,2:6) !CHECK: b, PUBLIC size=60 offset=0:
equivalence(b(1,6), b1) !CHECK: b1, PUBLIC size=16 offset=56:
equivalence(b(1,5), b2) !CHECK: b2, PUBLIC size=4 offset=44:
equivalence(b(0,6), b3) !CHECK: b3, PUBLIC size=4 offset=52:
equivalence(b(0,4), b4) !CHECK: b4, PUBLIC size=4 offset=28:
! equivalence and substring
subroutine mc !CHECK: Subprogram scope: mc size=12 alignment=1
character(10) :: c1 !CHECK: c1 size=10 offset=0:
character(5) :: c2 !CHECK: c2 size=5 offset=7:
equivalence(c1(9:), c2(2:4))
! Common block: objects are in order from COMMON statement and not part of module
module md !CHECK: Module scope: md size=1 alignment=1
integer(1) :: i
integer(2) :: d1 !CHECK: d1, PUBLIC size=2 offset=8:
integer(4) :: d2 !CHECK: d2, PUBLIC size=4 offset=4:
integer(1) :: d3 !CHECK: d3, PUBLIC size=1 offset=0:
real(2) :: d4 !CHECK: d4, PUBLIC size=2 offset=0:
common /common1/ d3,d2,d1 !CHECK: common1 size=10 offset=0: CommonBlockDetails alignment=4:
common /common2/ d4 !CHECK: common2 size=2 offset=0: CommonBlockDetails alignment=2:
! Test extension of common block size through equivalence statements.
module me
integer :: i1, j1, l1(10)
equivalence(i1, l1)
common /common3/ j1, i1 ! CHECK: common3 size=44 offset=0: CommonBlockDetails alignment=4:
integer :: i2, j2, l2(10)
equivalence(i2, l2(2))
common /common4/ j2, i2 ! CHECK: common4 size=40 offset=0: CommonBlockDetails alignment=4:
integer :: i3, j3, l3(10)
equivalence(i3, l3)
common /common5/ i3, j3 ! CHECK: common5 size=40 offset=0: CommonBlockDetails alignment=4:
integer :: i4, j4, l4(10), k4(10)
equivalence(i4, l4)
equivalence(l4(10), k4)
common /common6/ i4, j4 ! CHECK: common6 size=76 offset=0: CommonBlockDetails alignment=4:
integer :: i5, j5, l5(10)
equivalence(l5(1), i5)
common /common7/ j5, i5 ! CHECK: common7 size=44 offset=0: CommonBlockDetails alignment=4: