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!RUN: %flang_fc1 -fdebug-dump-symbols %s | FileCheck %s
! Size and alignment of intrinsic types
subroutine s1
integer(1) :: a_i1 !CHECK: a_i1 size=1 offset=0:
integer(8) :: b_i8 !CHECK: b_i8 size=8 offset=8:
real(2) :: c_r2 !CHECK: c_r2 size=2 offset=16:
real(2) :: d_r2 !CHECK: d_r2 size=2 offset=18:
real(8) :: e_r8 !CHECK: e_r8 size=8 offset=24:
real(4) :: f_r4 !CHECK: f_r4 size=4 offset=32:
complex(8) :: g_c8 !CHECK: g_c8 size=16 offset=40:
complex(4) :: h_c4 !CHECK: h_c4 size=8 offset=56:
logical :: i_l4 !CHECK: i_l4 size=4 offset=64:
! Character
subroutine s2
character(10) :: c1 !CHECK: c1 size=10 offset=0:
character(1) :: c2 !CHECK: c2 size=1 offset=10:
character(10,kind=2) :: c3 !CHECK: c3 size=20 offset=12:
! Descriptors
subroutine s3(n)
integer :: n
real, pointer :: x !CHECK: x, POINTER size=24 offset=8:
character(n) :: y !CHECK: y size=24 offset=32:
! Descriptors for arrays
subroutine s4
integer, allocatable :: z0 !CHECK: z0, ALLOCATABLE size=24 offset=
integer, allocatable :: z1(:) !CHECK: z1, ALLOCATABLE size=48 offset=
integer, allocatable :: z2(:,:) !CHECK: z2, ALLOCATABLE size=72 offset=
integer, allocatable :: z3(:,:,:) !CHECK: z3, ALLOCATABLE size=96 offset=
! Descriptors with length parameters
subroutine s5(n)
integer :: n
type :: t1(n)
integer, len :: n
real :: a(n)
end type
type :: t2(n1, n2)
integer, len :: n1
integer, len :: n2
real :: b(n1, n2)
end type
type(t1(n)) :: x1 !CHECK: x1 size=40 offset=
type(t2(n,n)) :: x2 !CHECK: x2 size=48 offset=
!CHECK: a size=48 offset=0:
!CHECK: b size=72 offset=0: