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! RUN: %python %S/ %s %flang_fc1
! Miscellaneous constraint and requirement checking on intrinsics
program test_size
real, dimension(5, 5) :: array
call test(array)
subroutine test(arg)
real, dimension(5, *) :: arg
!ERROR: A dim= argument is required for 'size' when the array is assumed-size
print *, size(arg)
!ERROR: missing mandatory 'dim=' argument
print *, ubound(arg)
!ERROR: The 'source=' argument to the intrinsic function 'shape' may not be assumed-size
print *, shape(arg)
! But these cases are fine:
print *, size(arg, dim=1)
print *, ubound(arg, dim=1)
print *, lbound(arg)
print *, size(array)
print *, ubound(array)
print *, lbound(array)
end subroutine