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! RUN: %python %S/ %s %flang_fc1
character*20 c(25), cv
character(kind=1,len=59) msg
character, parameter :: const_round = "c'est quoi?"
logical*2 v(5), lv
integer*1 stat1
integer*2 stat4
integer*8 stat8, iv
integer, parameter :: const_id = 1
inquire(10, pos=ipos, iomsg=msg, iostat=stat1)
inquire(file='abc', &
access=c(1), action=c(2), asynchronous=c(3), blank=c(4), decimal=c(5), &
delim=c(6), direct=c(7), encoding=c(8), form=c(9), formatted=c(10), &
name=c(11), pad=c(12), position=c(13), read=c(14), readwrite=c(15), &
round=c(16), sequential=c(17), sign=c(18), stream=c(19), &
unformatted=c(20), write=c(21), &
err=9, &
nextrec=nextrec, number=number, pos=jpos, recl=jrecl, size=jsize, &
iomsg=msg, &
iostat=stat4, &
exist=v(1), named=v(2), opened=v(3), pending=v(4))
inquire(pending=v(5), file='abc')
inquire(10, id=id, pending=v(5))
inquire(10, id=const_id, pending=v(5))
inquire(10, carriagecontrol=c(1)) ! nonstandard
! using variable 'cv' multiple times seems to be allowed
inquire(file='abc', &
access=cv, action=cv, asynchronous=cv, blank=cv, decimal=cv, &
delim=cv, direct=cv, encoding=cv, form=cv, formatted=cv, &
name=cv, pad=cv, position=cv, read=cv, readwrite=cv, &
round=cv, sequential=cv, sign=cv, stream=cv, &
unformatted=cv, write=cv, &
nextrec=iv, number=iv, pos=iv, recl=iv, size=iv, &
exist=lv, named=lv, opened=lv, pending=lv)
!ERROR: INQUIRE statement must have a UNIT number or FILE specifier
!ERROR: If FILE appears, UNIT must not appear
inquire(10, file='abc', blank=c(22), iostat=stat8)
!ERROR: Duplicate FILE specifier
inquire(file='abc', file='xyz')
!ERROR: Duplicate FORM specifier
inquire(form=c(1), iostat=stat1, form=c(2), file='abc')
!ERROR: Duplicate SIGN specifier
!ERROR: Duplicate READ specifier
!ERROR: Duplicate WRITE specifier
inquire(1, read=c(1), write=c(2), sign=c(3), sign=c(4), read=c(5), write=c(1))
!ERROR: Duplicate IOMSG specifier
inquire(10, iomsg=msg, pos=ipos, iomsg=msg)
!ERROR: If ID appears, PENDING must also appear
inquire(file='abc', id=id)
!ERROR: ROUND variable 'const_round' must be definable
inquire(file='abc', round=const_round)
9 continue