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! Error test -- DO loop uses obsolete loop termination statement (warning)
! See R1131 and C1133
! By default, this is not an error and label do are rewritten to non-label do.
! A warning is generated with -pedantic
! RUN: %flang_fc1 -fdebug-unparse-with-symbols -pedantic %s 2>%t.stderr | FileCheck %s
! CHECK: end do
! The following CHECK-NOT actively uses the fact that the leading zero of labels
! would be removed in the unparse but not the line linked to warnings. We do
! not want to see label do in the unparse only.
! CHECK-NOT: do [1-9]
! RUN: FileCheck --check-prefix=ERR --input-file=%t.stderr %s
! ERR: A DO loop should terminate with an END DO or CONTINUE
subroutine foo7(a)
integer :: a(..)
do 01 k=1,10
select rank (a)
rank (0)
a = a+k
rank (1)
a(k) = a(k)+k
rank default
print*, "error"
01 end select
end subroutine