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//===- MaximalStaticExpansion.cpp -----------------------------------------===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This pass fully expand the memory accesses of a Scop to get rid of
// dependencies.
#include "polly/DependenceInfo.h"
#include "polly/LinkAllPasses.h"
#include "polly/ScopInfo.h"
#include "polly/ScopPass.h"
#include "polly/Support/ISLTools.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/SmallPtrSet.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include "llvm/Analysis/OptimizationRemarkEmitter.h"
#include "llvm/InitializePasses.h"
#include "isl/isl-noexceptions.h"
#include "isl/union_map.h"
#include <cassert>
#include <limits>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
using namespace llvm;
using namespace polly;
#define DEBUG_TYPE "polly-mse"
namespace {
class MaximalStaticExpander : public ScopPass {
static char ID;
explicit MaximalStaticExpander() : ScopPass(ID) {}
~MaximalStaticExpander() override = default;
/// Expand the accesses of the SCoP.
/// @param S The SCoP that must be expanded.
bool runOnScop(Scop &S) override;
/// Print the SCoP.
/// @param OS The stream where to print.
/// @param S The SCop that must be printed.
void printScop(raw_ostream &OS, Scop &S) const override;
/// Register all analyses and transformations required.
void getAnalysisUsage(AnalysisUsage &AU) const override;
/// OptimizationRemarkEmitter object for displaying diagnostic remarks.
OptimizationRemarkEmitter *ORE;
/// Emit remark
void emitRemark(StringRef Msg, Instruction *Inst);
/// Return true if the SAI in parameter is expandable.
/// @param SAI the SAI that need to be checked.
/// @param Writes A set that will contains all the write accesses.
/// @param Reads A set that will contains all the read accesses.
/// @param S The SCop in which the SAI is in.
/// @param Dependences The RAW dependences of the SCop.
bool isExpandable(const ScopArrayInfo *SAI,
SmallPtrSetImpl<MemoryAccess *> &Writes,
SmallPtrSetImpl<MemoryAccess *> &Reads, Scop &S,
const isl::union_map &Dependences);
/// Expand the MemoryAccess according to its domain.
/// @param S The SCop in which the memory access appears in.
/// @param MA The memory access that need to be expanded.
ScopArrayInfo *expandAccess(Scop &S, MemoryAccess *MA);
/// Filter the dependences to have only one related to current memory access.
/// @param S The SCop in which the memory access appears in.
/// @param MapDependences The dependences to filter.
/// @param MA The memory access that need to be expanded.
isl::union_map filterDependences(Scop &S,
const isl::union_map &MapDependences,
MemoryAccess *MA);
/// Expand the MemoryAccess according to Dependences and already expanded
/// MemoryAccesses.
/// @param The SCop in which the memory access appears in.
/// @param The memory access that need to be expanded.
/// @param Dependences The RAW dependences of the SCop.
/// @param ExpandedSAI The expanded SAI created during write expansion.
/// @param Reverse if true, the Dependences union_map is reversed before
/// intersection.
void mapAccess(Scop &S, SmallPtrSetImpl<MemoryAccess *> &Accesses,
const isl::union_map &Dependences, ScopArrayInfo *ExpandedSAI,
bool Reverse);
/// Expand PHI memory accesses.
/// @param The SCop in which the memory access appears in.
/// @param The ScopArrayInfo representing the PHI accesses to expand.
/// @param Dependences The RAW dependences of the SCop.
void expandPhi(Scop &S, const ScopArrayInfo *SAI,
const isl::union_map &Dependences);
} // namespace
#ifndef NDEBUG
/// Whether a dimension of a set is bounded (lower and upper) by a constant,
/// i.e. there are two constants Min and Max, such that every value x of the
/// chosen dimensions is Min <= x <= Max.
static bool isDimBoundedByConstant(isl::set Set, unsigned dim) {
auto ParamDims = unsignedFromIslSize(Set.dim(isl::dim::param));
Set = Set.project_out(isl::dim::param, 0, ParamDims);
Set = Set.project_out(isl::dim::set, 0, dim);
auto SetDims = unsignedFromIslSize(Set.tuple_dim());
assert(SetDims >= 1);
Set = Set.project_out(isl::dim::set, 1, SetDims - 1);
return bool(Set.is_bounded());
char MaximalStaticExpander::ID = 0;
isl::union_map MaximalStaticExpander::filterDependences(
Scop &S, const isl::union_map &Dependences, MemoryAccess *MA) {
auto SAI = MA->getLatestScopArrayInfo();
auto AccessDomainSet = MA->getAccessRelation().domain();
auto AccessDomainId = AccessDomainSet.get_tuple_id();
isl::union_map MapDependences = isl::union_map::empty(S.getIslCtx());
for (isl::map Map : Dependences.get_map_list()) {
// Filter out Statement to Statement dependences.
if (!Map.can_curry())
// Intersect with the relevant SAI.
auto TmpMapDomainId =
ScopArrayInfo *UserSAI =
static_cast<ScopArrayInfo *>(TmpMapDomainId.get_user());
if (SAI != UserSAI)
// Get the correct S1[] -> S2[] dependence.
auto NewMap = Map.factor_domain();
auto NewMapDomainId = NewMap.domain().get_tuple_id();
if (AccessDomainId.get() != NewMapDomainId.get())
// Add the corresponding map to MapDependences.
MapDependences = MapDependences.unite(NewMap);
return MapDependences;
bool MaximalStaticExpander::isExpandable(
const ScopArrayInfo *SAI, SmallPtrSetImpl<MemoryAccess *> &Writes,
SmallPtrSetImpl<MemoryAccess *> &Reads, Scop &S,
const isl::union_map &Dependences) {
if (SAI->isValueKind()) {
for (auto MA : S.getValueUses(SAI))
return true;
} else if (SAI->isPHIKind()) {
auto Read = S.getPHIRead(SAI);
auto StmtDomain = isl::union_set(Read->getStatement()->getDomain());
auto Writes = S.getPHIIncomings(SAI);
// Get the domain where all the writes are writing to.
auto WriteDomain = isl::union_set::empty(S.getIslCtx());
for (auto Write : Writes) {
auto MapDeps = filterDependences(S, Dependences, Write);
for (isl::map Map : MapDeps.get_map_list())
WriteDomain = WriteDomain.unite(Map.range());
// For now, read from original scalar is not possible.
if (!StmtDomain.is_equal(WriteDomain)) {
emitRemark(SAI->getName() + " read from its original value.",
return false;
return true;
} else if (SAI->isExitPHIKind()) {
// For now, we are not able to expand ExitPhi.
emitRemark(SAI->getName() + " is a ExitPhi node.",
return false;
int NumberWrites = 0;
for (ScopStmt &Stmt : S) {
auto StmtReads = isl::union_map::empty(S.getIslCtx());
auto StmtWrites = isl::union_map::empty(S.getIslCtx());
for (MemoryAccess *MA : Stmt) {
// Check if the current MemoryAccess involved the current SAI.
if (SAI != MA->getLatestScopArrayInfo())
// For now, we are not able to expand array where read come after write
// (to the same location) in a same statement.
auto AccRel = isl::union_map(MA->getAccessRelation());
if (MA->isRead()) {
// Reject load after store to same location.
if (!StmtWrites.is_disjoint(AccRel)) {
emitRemark(SAI->getName() + " has read after write to the same "
"element in same statement. The "
"dependences found during analysis may "
"be wrong because Polly is not able to "
"handle such case for now.",
return false;
StmtReads = StmtReads.unite(AccRel);
} else {
StmtWrites = StmtWrites.unite(AccRel);
// For now, we are not able to expand MayWrite.
if (MA->isMayWrite()) {
emitRemark(SAI->getName() + " has a maywrite access.",
return false;
// For now, we are not able to expand SAI with more than one write.
if (MA->isMustWrite()) {
if (NumberWrites > 1) {
emitRemark(SAI->getName() + " has more than 1 write access.",
return false;
// Check if it is possible to expand this read.
if (MA->isRead()) {
// Get the domain of the current ScopStmt.
auto StmtDomain = Stmt.getDomain();
// Get the domain of the future Read access.
auto ReadDomainSet = MA->getAccessRelation().domain();
auto ReadDomain = isl::union_set(ReadDomainSet);
// Get the dependences relevant for this MA
auto MapDependences = filterDependences(S, Dependences.reverse(), MA);
unsigned NumberElementMap = isl_union_map_n_map(MapDependences.get());
if (NumberElementMap == 0) {
emitRemark("The expansion of " + SAI->getName() +
" would lead to a read from the original array.",
return false;
auto DepsDomain = MapDependences.domain();
// If there are multiple maps in the Deps, we cannot handle this case
// for now.
if (NumberElementMap != 1) {
emitRemark(SAI->getName() +
" has too many dependences to be handle for now.",
return false;
auto DepsDomainSet = isl::set(DepsDomain);
// For now, read from the original array is not possible.
if (!StmtDomain.is_subset(DepsDomainSet)) {
emitRemark("The expansion of " + SAI->getName() +
" would lead to a read from the original array.",
return false;
// No need to expand SAI with no write.
if (NumberWrites == 0) {
emitRemark(SAI->getName() + " has 0 write access.",
return false;
return true;
void MaximalStaticExpander::mapAccess(Scop &S,
SmallPtrSetImpl<MemoryAccess *> &Accesses,
const isl::union_map &Dependences,
ScopArrayInfo *ExpandedSAI,
bool Reverse) {
for (auto MA : Accesses) {
// Get the current AM.
auto CurrentAccessMap = MA->getAccessRelation();
// Get RAW dependences for the current WA.
auto DomainSet = MA->getAccessRelation().domain();
auto Domain = isl::union_set(DomainSet);
// Get the dependences relevant for this MA.
isl::union_map MapDependences =
filterDependences(S, Reverse ? Dependences.reverse() : Dependences, MA);
// If no dependences, no need to modify anything.
if (MapDependences.is_empty())
assert(isl_union_map_n_map(MapDependences.get()) == 1 &&
"There are more than one RAW dependencies in the union map.");
auto NewAccessMap = isl::map::from_union_map(MapDependences);
auto Id = ExpandedSAI->getBasePtrId();
// Replace the out tuple id with the one of the access array.
NewAccessMap = NewAccessMap.set_tuple_id(isl::dim::out, Id);
// Set the new access relation.
ScopArrayInfo *MaximalStaticExpander::expandAccess(Scop &S, MemoryAccess *MA) {
// Get the current AM.
auto CurrentAccessMap = MA->getAccessRelation();
unsigned in_dimensions =
// Get domain from the current AM.
auto Domain = CurrentAccessMap.domain();
// Create a new AM from the domain.
auto NewAccessMap = isl::map::from_domain(Domain);
// Add dimensions to the new AM according to the current in_dim.
NewAccessMap = NewAccessMap.add_dims(isl::dim::out, in_dimensions);
// Create the string representing the name of the new SAI.
// One new SAI for each statement so that each write go to a different memory
// cell.
auto CurrentStmtDomain = MA->getStatement()->getDomain();
auto CurrentStmtName = CurrentStmtDomain.get_tuple_name();
auto CurrentOutId = CurrentAccessMap.get_tuple_id(isl::dim::out);
std::string CurrentOutIdString =
MA->getScopArrayInfo()->getName() + "_" + CurrentStmtName + "_expanded";
// Set the tuple id for the out dimension.
NewAccessMap = NewAccessMap.set_tuple_id(isl::dim::out, CurrentOutId);
// Create the size vector.
std::vector<unsigned> Sizes;
for (unsigned i = 0; i < in_dimensions; i++) {
assert(isDimBoundedByConstant(CurrentStmtDomain, i) &&
"Domain boundary are not constant.");
auto UpperBound = getConstant(CurrentStmtDomain.dim_max(i), true, false);
assert(!UpperBound.is_null() && UpperBound.is_pos() &&
!UpperBound.is_nan() &&
"The upper bound is not a positive integer.");
std::numeric_limits<int>::max() - 1)) &&
"The upper bound overflow a int.");
Sizes.push_back(UpperBound.get_num_si() + 1);
// Get the ElementType of the current SAI.
auto ElementType = MA->getLatestScopArrayInfo()->getElementType();
// Create (or get if already existing) the new expanded SAI.
auto ExpandedSAI =
S.createScopArrayInfo(ElementType, CurrentOutIdString, Sizes);
// Get the out Id of the expanded Array.
auto NewOutId = ExpandedSAI->getBasePtrId();
// Set the out id of the new AM to the new SAI id.
NewAccessMap = NewAccessMap.set_tuple_id(isl::dim::out, NewOutId);
// Add constraints to linked output with input id.
auto SpaceMap = NewAccessMap.get_space();
auto ConstraintBasicMap = isl::basic_map::equal(
SpaceMap, unsignedFromIslSize(SpaceMap.dim(isl::dim::in)));
NewAccessMap = isl::map(ConstraintBasicMap);
// Set the new access relation map.
return ExpandedSAI;
void MaximalStaticExpander::expandPhi(Scop &S, const ScopArrayInfo *SAI,
const isl::union_map &Dependences) {
SmallPtrSet<MemoryAccess *, 4> Writes;
for (auto MA : S.getPHIIncomings(SAI))
auto Read = S.getPHIRead(SAI);
auto ExpandedSAI = expandAccess(S, Read);
mapAccess(S, Writes, Dependences, ExpandedSAI, false);
void MaximalStaticExpander::emitRemark(StringRef Msg, Instruction *Inst) {
ORE->emit(OptimizationRemarkAnalysis(DEBUG_TYPE, "ExpansionRejection", Inst)
<< Msg);
bool MaximalStaticExpander::runOnScop(Scop &S) {
// Get the ORE from OptimizationRemarkEmitterWrapperPass.
ORE = &(getAnalysis<OptimizationRemarkEmitterWrapperPass>().getORE());
// Get the RAW Dependences.
auto &DI = getAnalysis<DependenceInfo>();
auto &D = DI.getDependences(Dependences::AL_Reference);
isl::union_map Dependences = D.getDependences(Dependences::TYPE_RAW);
SmallVector<ScopArrayInfo *, 4> CurrentSAI(S.arrays().begin(),
for (auto SAI : CurrentSAI) {
SmallPtrSet<MemoryAccess *, 4> AllWrites;
SmallPtrSet<MemoryAccess *, 4> AllReads;
if (!isExpandable(SAI, AllWrites, AllReads, S, Dependences))
if (SAI->isValueKind() || SAI->isArrayKind()) {
assert(AllWrites.size() == 1 || SAI->isValueKind());
auto TheWrite = *(AllWrites.begin());
ScopArrayInfo *ExpandedArray = expandAccess(S, TheWrite);
mapAccess(S, AllReads, Dependences, ExpandedArray, true);
} else if (SAI->isPHIKind()) {
expandPhi(S, SAI, Dependences);
return false;
void MaximalStaticExpander::printScop(raw_ostream &OS, Scop &S) const {
S.print(OS, false);
void MaximalStaticExpander::getAnalysisUsage(AnalysisUsage &AU) const {
Pass *polly::createMaximalStaticExpansionPass() {
return new MaximalStaticExpander();
INITIALIZE_PASS_BEGIN(MaximalStaticExpander, "polly-mse",
"Polly - Maximal static expansion of SCoP", false, false);
INITIALIZE_PASS_END(MaximalStaticExpander, "polly-mse",
"Polly - Maximal static expansion of SCoP", false, false)