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; RUN: opt -aa-pipeline=basic-aa -passes='print<memoryssa>,verify<memoryssa>' -disable-output < %s 2>&1 | FileCheck %s
; Ensures that MemorySSA leverages the ground truth of the function being called when wrapped in a bitcast.
declare i1 @opaque_true(i1) nounwind readonly
define i1 @foo(i32* %ptr, i1 %cond) {
%cond_wide = zext i1 %cond to i32
; CHECK: MemoryUse(liveOnEntry) MayAlias
; CHECK-NEXT: call i32 bitcast
%cond_hidden_wide = call i32 bitcast (i1 (i1)* @opaque_true to i32 (i32)*)(i32 %cond_wide)
%cond_hidden = trunc i32 %cond_hidden_wide to i1
ret i1 %cond_hidden