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RUN: mkdir -p %t-out
RUN: llvm-mc -triple x86_64-windows-gnu -filetype obj -o %t-out/object.obj %S/Inputs/object.s
Check that linking without an explicit -implib doesn't produce any implib.
First test that linking without -lldmingw does produce an implib, but when
adding -lldmingw, it no longer is produced. And when it is explicitly named,
it is created.
RUN: rm -f %t-out/library.lib
RUN: lld-link -dll -machine:x64 -def:%S/Inputs/named.def -out:%t-out/library.dll %t-out/object.obj -entry:f -subsystem:console
RUN: test -f %t-out/library.lib
RUN: rm -f %t-out/library.lib
RUN: lld-link -lldmingw -dll -machine:x64 -def:%S/Inputs/named.def -out:%t-out/library.dll %t-out/object.obj -entry:f -subsystem:console
RUN: not test -f %t-out/library.lib
RUN: lld-link -lldmingw -dll -machine:x64 -def:%S/Inputs/named.def -out:%t-out/library.dll %t-out/object.obj -entry:f -subsystem:console -implib:%t-out/library.lib
RUN: test -f %t-out/library.lib