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# RUN: llvm-mc -triple x86_64-pc-win32 %s -filetype=obj -o %t.obj
# RUN: lld-link %t.obj -guard:cf -out:%t.exe -entry:main
# RUN: llvm-readobj --coff-load-config %t.exe | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=CHECK
# f, g, and main go in the table.
# Including g isn't strictly necessary since it's not an indirect call target,
# however the linker can't know that because relative relocations are used both
# for direct calls and for getting the absolute address of a function.
# (use /lldmap:map.txt to check their addresses).
# CHECK: GuardFidTable [
# CHECK-NEXT: 0x140001000
# CHECK-NEXT: 0x140001010
# CHECK-NEXT: 0x140001030
.def f;
.scl 3;
.type 32;
.section .text,"xr",one_only,f
.p2align 4
f: movl $1, %eax
.def g;
.scl 3;
.type 32;
.section .text,"xr",one_only,g
.p2align 4
g: movl $2, %eax
.def label;
.scl 6; # StorageClass: Label
.type 0; # Type: Not a function.
.section .text,"xr",one_only,label
.p2align 4
label: ret
.globl fp
.p2align 4
fp: .quad f # DIR32 relocation to function
.quad label # DIR32 relocation to label
.def main;
.scl 2;
.type 32;
.section .text,"xr",one_only,main
.globl main
.p2align 4
main: call *fp # DIR32 relocation to data
call g # REL32 relocation to function
# Load configuration directory entry (winnt.h _IMAGE_LOAD_CONFIG_DIRECTORY64).
# The linker will define the __guard_* symbols.
.section .rdata,"dr"
.globl _load_config_used
.long 256
.fill 124, 1, 0
.quad __guard_fids_table
.quad __guard_fids_count
.long __guard_flags
.fill 128, 1, 0