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.. _BuildingCompilerRT:
Building Compiler-RT
.. contents::
.. _build instructions:
The instructions on this page are aimed at vendors who ship Compiler-RT as part of an
operating system distribution, a toolchain or similar shipping vehicules. If you
are a user merely trying to use Compiler-RT in your program, you most likely want to
refer to your vendor's documentation, or to the general documentation for using
LLVM, Clang, the various santizers, etc.
CMake Options
Here are some of the CMake variables that are used often, along with a
brief explanation and LLVM-specific notes. For full documentation, check the
CMake docs or execute ``cmake --help-variable VARIABLE_NAME``.
Sets the build type for ``make`` based generators. Possible values are
Release, Debug, RelWithDebInfo and MinSizeRel. On systems like Visual Studio
the user sets the build type with the IDE settings.
Path where LLVM will be installed if "make install" is invoked or the
"INSTALL" target is built.
The C++ compiler to use when building and testing Compiler-RT.
.. _compiler-rt-specific options:
Compiler-RT specific options
**Default**: ```` (empty relative path)
Prefix for directories where built Compiler-RT artifacts should be installed.
Can be an absolute path, like the default empty string, in which case it is
relative ``CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX``. If setting a relative path, make sure to
include the ``:PATH`` with your ``-D``, i.e. use
``-DCOMPILER_RT_INSTALL_PATH=...``, otherwise CMake will convert the
path to an absolute path.
**Default**: ``lib``
Path where built Compiler-RT libraries should be installed. If a relative
path, relative to ``COMPILER_RT_INSTALL_PATH``.
**Default**: ``bin``
Path where built Compiler-RT executables should be installed. If a relative
path, relative to ``COMPILER_RT_INSTALL_PATH``.
**Default**: ``include``
Path where Compiler-RT headers should be installed. If a relative
path, relative to ``COMPILER_RT_INSTALL_PATH``.
**Default**: ``share``
Path where Compiler-RT data should be installed. If a relative
path, relative to ``COMPILER_RT_INSTALL_PATH``.
.. _LLVM-specific variables:
LLVM-specific options
Extra suffix to append to the directory where libraries are to be
installed. On a 64-bit architecture, one could use ``-DLLVM_LIBDIR_SUFFIX=64``
to install libraries to ``/usr/lib64``.