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# -*- Python -*-
# Configuration file for the 'lit' test runner.
import os
import lit.formats
# name: The name of this test suite. = 'flang-Unit'
# suffixes: A list of file extensions to treat as test files.
config.suffixes = []
# test_source_root: The root path where unit test binaries are located.
# test_exec_root: The root path where tests should be run.
config.test_source_root = os.path.join(config.flang_obj_root, 'unittests')
config.test_exec_root = config.test_source_root
# testFormat: The test format to use to interpret tests.
config.test_format = lit.formats.GoogleTest(config.llvm_build_mode, 'Tests')
# Tweak the PATH to include the tools dir.
path = os.path.pathsep.join((config.flang_tools_dir, config.llvm_tools_dir, config.environment['PATH']))
config.environment['PATH'] = path
path = os.path.pathsep.join((config.flang_libs_dir, config.llvm_libs_dir,
config.environment['LD_LIBRARY_PATH'] = path
# Propagate PYTHON_EXECUTABLE into the environment
#config.environment['PYTHON_EXECUTABLE'] = sys.executable