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//===-- CompletionRequest.h -------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include "lldb/Utility/Args.h"
#include "lldb/Utility/LLDBAssert.h"
#include "lldb/Utility/StringList.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringSet.h"
namespace lldb_private {
enum class CompletionMode {
/// The current token has been completed. The client should indicate this
/// to the user (usually this is done by adding a trailing space behind the
/// token).
/// Example: "command sub" -> "command subcommand " (note the trailing space).
/// The current token has been partially completed. This means that we found
/// a completion, but that the token is still incomplete. Examples
/// for this are file paths, where we want to complete "/bi" to "/bin/", but
/// the file path token is still incomplete after the completion. Clients
/// should not indicate to the user that this is a full completion (e.g. by
/// not inserting the usual trailing space after a successful completion).
/// Example: "file /us" -> "file /usr/" (note the missing trailing space).
/// The full line has been rewritten by the completion.
/// Example: "alias name" -> "other_command full_name".
class CompletionResult {
/// A single completion and all associated data.
class Completion {
/// The actual text that should be completed. The meaning of this text
/// is defined by the CompletionMode.
/// \see m_mode
std::string m_completion;
/// The description that should be displayed to the user alongside the
/// completion text.
std::string m_descripton;
CompletionMode m_mode;
Completion(llvm::StringRef completion, llvm::StringRef description,
CompletionMode mode)
: m_completion(completion.str()), m_descripton(description.str()),
m_mode(mode) {}
const std::string &GetCompletion() const { return m_completion; }
const std::string &GetDescription() const { return m_descripton; }
CompletionMode GetMode() const { return m_mode; }
/// Generates a string that uniquely identifies this completion result.
std::string GetUniqueKey() const;
/// List of found completions.
std::vector<Completion> m_results;
/// A set of the unique keys of all found completions so far. Used to filter
/// out duplicates.
/// \see CompletionResult::Completion::GetUniqueKey
llvm::StringSet<> m_added_values;
void AddResult(llvm::StringRef completion, llvm::StringRef description,
CompletionMode mode);
llvm::ArrayRef<Completion> GetResults() const { return m_results; }
/// Adds all collected completion matches to the given list.
/// The list will be cleared before the results are added. The number of
/// results here is guaranteed to be equal to GetNumberOfResults().
void GetMatches(StringList &matches) const;
/// Adds all collected completion descriptions to the given list.
/// The list will be cleared before the results are added. The number of
/// results here is guaranteed to be equal to GetNumberOfResults().
void GetDescriptions(StringList &descriptions) const;
std::size_t GetNumberOfResults() const { return m_results.size(); }
/// \class CompletionRequest CompletionRequest.h
/// "lldb/Utility/ArgCompletionRequest.h"
/// Contains all information necessary to complete an incomplete command
/// for the user. Will be filled with the generated completions by the different
/// completions functions.
class CompletionRequest {
/// Constructs a completion request.
/// \param [in] command_line
/// The command line the user has typed at this point.
/// \param [in] raw_cursor_pos
/// The position of the cursor in the command line string. Index 0 means
/// the cursor is at the start of the line. The completion starts from
/// this cursor position.
/// \param [out] result
/// The CompletionResult that will be filled with the results after this
/// request has been handled.
CompletionRequest(llvm::StringRef command_line, unsigned raw_cursor_pos,
CompletionResult &result);
/// Returns the raw user input used to create this CompletionRequest cut off
/// at the cursor position. The cursor will be at the end of the raw line.
llvm::StringRef GetRawLine() const {
return m_command.substr(0, GetRawCursorPos());
/// Returns the full raw user input used to create this CompletionRequest.
/// This string is not cut off at the cursor position and will include
/// characters behind the cursor position.
/// You should most likely *not* use this function unless the characters
/// behind the cursor position influence the completion.
llvm::StringRef GetRawLineWithUnusedSuffix() const { return m_command; }
unsigned GetRawCursorPos() const { return m_raw_cursor_pos; }
const Args &GetParsedLine() const { return m_parsed_line; }
Args &GetParsedLine() { return m_parsed_line; }
const Args::ArgEntry &GetParsedArg() {
return GetParsedLine()[GetCursorIndex()];
/// Drops the first argument from the argument list.
void ShiftArguments() {
/// Adds an empty argument at the end of the argument list and moves
/// the cursor to this new argument.
void AppendEmptyArgument() {
m_cursor_char_position = 0;
size_t GetCursorIndex() const { return m_cursor_index; }
/// Adds a possible completion string. If the completion was already
/// suggested before, it will not be added to the list of results. A copy of
/// the suggested completion is stored, so the given string can be free'd
/// afterwards.
/// \param completion The suggested completion.
/// \param description An optional description of the completion string. The
/// description will be displayed to the user alongside the completion.
/// \param mode The CompletionMode for this completion.
void AddCompletion(llvm::StringRef completion,
llvm::StringRef description = "",
CompletionMode mode = CompletionMode::Normal) {
m_result.AddResult(completion, description, mode);
/// Adds a possible completion string if the completion would complete the
/// current argument.
/// \param completion The suggested completion.
/// \param description An optional description of the completion string. The
/// description will be displayed to the user alongside the completion.
template <CompletionMode M = CompletionMode::Normal>
void TryCompleteCurrentArg(llvm::StringRef completion,
llvm::StringRef description = "") {
// Trying to rewrite the whole line while checking for the current
// argument never makes sense. Completion modes are always hardcoded, so
// this can be a static_assert.
static_assert(M != CompletionMode::RewriteLine,
"Shouldn't rewrite line with this function");
if (completion.startswith(GetCursorArgumentPrefix()))
AddCompletion(completion, description, M);
/// Adds multiple possible completion strings.
/// \param completions The list of completions.
/// \see AddCompletion
void AddCompletions(const StringList &completions) {
for (const std::string &completion : completions)
/// Adds multiple possible completion strings alongside their descriptions.
/// The number of completions and descriptions must be identical.
/// \param completions The list of completions.
/// \param descriptions The list of descriptions.
/// \see AddCompletion
void AddCompletions(const StringList &completions,
const StringList &descriptions) {
lldbassert(completions.GetSize() == descriptions.GetSize());
for (std::size_t i = 0; i < completions.GetSize(); ++i)
llvm::StringRef GetCursorArgumentPrefix() const {
return GetParsedLine().GetArgumentAtIndex(GetCursorIndex());
/// The raw command line we are supposed to complete.
llvm::StringRef m_command;
/// The cursor position in m_command.
unsigned m_raw_cursor_pos;
/// The command line parsed as arguments.
Args m_parsed_line;
/// The index of the argument in which the completion cursor is.
size_t m_cursor_index;
/// The cursor position in the argument indexed by m_cursor_index.
size_t m_cursor_char_position;
/// The result this request is supposed to fill out.
/// We keep this object private to ensure that no backend can in any way
/// depend on already calculated completions (which would make debugging and
/// testing them much more complicated).
CompletionResult &m_result;
} // namespace lldb_private