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//===-- REPL.h --------------------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include <string>
#include "lldb/Core/IOHandler.h"
#include "lldb/Interpreter/OptionGroupFormat.h"
#include "lldb/Interpreter/OptionGroupValueObjectDisplay.h"
#include "lldb/Target/Target.h"
namespace lldb_private {
class REPL : public IOHandlerDelegate {
// See TypeSystem.h for how to add subclasses to this.
enum LLVMCastKind { eKindClang, eKindSwift, eKindGo, kNumKinds };
LLVMCastKind getKind() const { return m_kind; }
REPL(LLVMCastKind kind, Target &target);
~REPL() override;
/// Get a REPL with an existing target (or, failing that, a debugger to use),
/// and (optional) extra arguments for the compiler.
/// \param[out] Status
/// If this language is supported but the REPL couldn't be created, this
/// error is populated with the reason.
/// \param[in] language
/// The language to create a REPL for.
/// \param[in] debugger
/// If provided, and target is nullptr, the debugger to use when setting
/// up a top-level REPL.
/// \param[in] target
/// If provided, the target to put the REPL inside.
/// \param[in] repl_options
/// If provided, additional options for the compiler when parsing REPL
/// expressions.
/// \return
/// The range of the containing object in the target process.
static lldb::REPLSP Create(Status &Status, lldb::LanguageType language,
Debugger *debugger, Target *target,
const char *repl_options);
void SetFormatOptions(const OptionGroupFormat &options) {
m_format_options = options;
SetValueObjectDisplayOptions(const OptionGroupValueObjectDisplay &options) {
m_varobj_options = options;
void SetEvaluateOptions(const EvaluateExpressionOptions &options) {
m_expr_options = options;
void SetCompilerOptions(const char *options) {
if (options)
m_compiler_options = options;
lldb::IOHandlerSP GetIOHandler();
Status RunLoop();
// IOHandler::Delegate functions
void IOHandlerActivated(IOHandler &io_handler, bool interactive) override;
bool IOHandlerInterrupt(IOHandler &io_handler) override;
void IOHandlerInputInterrupted(IOHandler &io_handler,
std::string &line) override;
const char *IOHandlerGetFixIndentationCharacters() override;
ConstString IOHandlerGetControlSequence(char ch) override;
const char *IOHandlerGetCommandPrefix() override;
const char *IOHandlerGetHelpPrologue() override;
bool IOHandlerIsInputComplete(IOHandler &io_handler,
StringList &lines) override;
int IOHandlerFixIndentation(IOHandler &io_handler, const StringList &lines,
int cursor_position) override;
void IOHandlerInputComplete(IOHandler &io_handler,
std::string &line) override;
void IOHandlerComplete(IOHandler &io_handler,
CompletionRequest &request) override;
static int CalculateActualIndentation(const StringList &lines);
// Subclasses should override these functions to implement a functional REPL.
virtual Status DoInitialization() = 0;
virtual ConstString GetSourceFileBasename() = 0;
virtual const char *GetAutoIndentCharacters() = 0;
virtual bool SourceIsComplete(const std::string &source) = 0;
virtual lldb::offset_t GetDesiredIndentation(
const StringList &lines, int cursor_position,
int tab_size) = 0; // LLDB_INVALID_OFFSET means no change
virtual lldb::LanguageType GetLanguage() = 0;
virtual bool PrintOneVariable(Debugger &debugger,
lldb::StreamFileSP &output_sp,
lldb::ValueObjectSP &valobj_sp,
ExpressionVariable *var = nullptr) = 0;
virtual void CompleteCode(const std::string &current_code,
CompletionRequest &request) = 0;
OptionGroupFormat m_format_options = OptionGroupFormat(lldb::eFormatDefault);
OptionGroupValueObjectDisplay m_varobj_options;
EvaluateExpressionOptions m_expr_options;
std::string m_compiler_options;
bool m_enable_auto_indent = true;
std::string m_indent_str; // Use this string for each level of indentation
std::string m_current_indent_str;
uint32_t m_current_indent_level = 0;
std::string m_repl_source_path;
bool m_dedicated_repl_mode = false;
StringList m_code; // All accumulated REPL statements are saved here
Target &m_target;
lldb::IOHandlerSP m_io_handler_sp;
LLVMCastKind m_kind;
std::string GetSourcePath();
} // namespace lldb_private