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Error Handling Script
LLD provides the ability to hook into some error handling routines through a
user-provided script specified with ``--error-handling-script=<path to the script>``
when certain errors are encountered. This document specifies the requirements of
such a script.
Generic Requirements
The script is expected to be available in the ``PATH`` or to be provided using a
full path. It must be executable. It is executed in the same environment as the
parent process.
LLD calls the error handling script using the following arguments::
error-handling-script <tag> <tag-specific-arguments...>
The following tags are supported:
- ``missing-lib``: indicates that LLD failed to find a library. The library name
is specified as the second argument, e.g. ``error-handling-script missing-lib
- ``undefined-symbol``: indicates that given symbol is marked as undefined. The
unmangled symbol name is specified as the second argument, e.g.
``error-handling-script undefined-symbol mysymbol``
Return Value
Upon success, the script is expected to return 0. A non-zero value is
interpreted as an error and reported to the user. In both cases, LLD still
reports the original error.