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//===- FrontendOptions.h ----------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include "flang/Common/Fortran-features.h"
#include "flang/Parser/characters.h"
#include "flang/Parser/unparse.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include "llvm/Support/MemoryBuffer.h"
#include <cstdint>
#include <string>
namespace Fortran::frontend {
enum ActionKind {
InvalidAction = 0,
/// -test-io mode
/// -E mode
/// -fsyntax-only
/// Emit a .o file.
/// Parse, unparse the parse-tree and output a Fortran source file
/// Parse, unparse the parse-tree and output a Fortran source file, skip the
/// semantic checks
/// Parse, resolve the sybmols, unparse the parse-tree and then output a
/// Fortran source file
/// Parse, run semantics and then output symbols from semantics
/// Parse, run semantics and then output the parse tree
/// Parse, run semantics and then output the parse tree and symbols
/// Parse and then output the parse tree, skip the semantic checks
/// Dump provenance
/// Parse then output the parsing log
/// Parse then output the number of objects in the parse tree and the overall
/// size
/// Parse, run semantics and then output the pre-FIR tree
/// `-fget-definition`
/// Parse, run semantics and then dump symbol sources map
/// Only execute frontend initialization
/// Run a plugin action
/// TODO: RunPreprocessor, EmitLLVM, EmitLLVMOnly,
/// EmitCodeGenOnly, EmitAssembly, (...)
/// \param suffix The file extension
/// \return True if the file extension should be processed as fixed form
bool isFixedFormSuffix(llvm::StringRef suffix);
/// \param suffix The file extension
/// \return True if the file extension should be processed as free form
bool isFreeFormSuffix(llvm::StringRef suffix);
/// \param suffix The file extension
/// \return True if the file should be preprocessed
bool mustBePreprocessed(llvm::StringRef suffix);
enum class Language : uint8_t {
/// LLVM IR: we accept this so that we can run the optimizer on it,
/// and compile it to assembly or object code.
/// @{ Languages that the frontend can parse and compile.
// Source file layout
enum class FortranForm {
/// The user has not specified a form. Base the form off the file extension.
/// -ffree-form
/// -ffixed-form
/// The kind of a file that we've been handed as an input.
class InputKind {
Language lang_;
/// The input file format.
enum Format { Source, ModuleMap, Precompiled };
constexpr InputKind(Language l = Language::Unknown) : lang_(l) {}
Language GetLanguage() const { return static_cast<Language>(lang_); }
/// Is the input kind fully-unknown?
bool IsUnknown() const { return lang_ == Language::Unknown; }
/// An input file for the front end.
class FrontendInputFile {
/// The file name, or "-" to read from standard input.
std::string file_;
/// The input, if it comes from a buffer rather than a file. This object
/// does not own the buffer, and the caller is responsible for ensuring
/// that it outlives any users.
const llvm::MemoryBuffer *buffer_ = nullptr;
/// The kind of input, atm it contains language
InputKind kind_;
/// Is this input file in fixed-form format? This is simply derived from the
/// file extension and should not be altered by consumers. For input from
/// stdin this is never modified.
bool isFixedForm_ = false;
/// Must this file be preprocessed? Note that in Flang the preprocessor is
/// always run. This flag is used to control whether predefined and command
/// line preprocessor macros are enabled or not. In practice, this is
/// sufficient to implement gfortran`s logic controlled with `-cpp/-nocpp`.
unsigned mustBePreprocessed_ : 1;
FrontendInputFile() = default;
FrontendInputFile(llvm::StringRef file, InputKind kind)
: file_(file.str()), kind_(kind) {
// Based on the extension, decide whether this is a fixed or free form
// file.
auto pathDotIndex{file.rfind(".")};
std::string pathSuffix{file.substr(pathDotIndex + 1)};
isFixedForm_ = isFixedFormSuffix(pathSuffix);
mustBePreprocessed_ = mustBePreprocessed(pathSuffix);
FrontendInputFile(const llvm::MemoryBuffer *buffer, InputKind kind)
: buffer_(buffer), kind_(kind) {}
InputKind kind() const { return kind_; }
bool IsEmpty() const { return file_.empty() && buffer_ == nullptr; }
bool IsFile() const { return !IsBuffer(); }
bool IsBuffer() const { return buffer_ != nullptr; }
bool IsFixedForm() const { return isFixedForm_; }
bool MustBePreprocessed() const { return mustBePreprocessed_; }
llvm::StringRef file() const {
return file_;
const llvm::MemoryBuffer *buffer() const {
assert(IsBuffer() && "Requested buffer_, but it is empty!");
return buffer_;
/// FrontendOptions - Options for controlling the behavior of the frontend.
struct FrontendOptions {
: showHelp(false), showVersion(false), instrumentedParse(false),
needProvenanceRangeToCharBlockMappings(false) {}
/// Show the -help text.
unsigned showHelp : 1;
/// Show the -version text.
unsigned showVersion : 1;
/// Instrument the parse to get a more verbose log
unsigned instrumentedParse : 1;
/// Enable Provenance to character-stream mapping. Allows e.g. IDEs to find
/// symbols based on source-code location. This is not needed in regular
/// compilation.
unsigned needProvenanceRangeToCharBlockMappings : 1;
/// Input values from `-fget-definition`
struct GetDefinitionVals {
unsigned line;
unsigned startColumn;
unsigned endColumn;
GetDefinitionVals getDefVals;
/// The input files and their types.
std::vector<FrontendInputFile> inputs;
/// The output file, if any.
std::string outputFile;
/// The frontend action to perform.
frontend::ActionKind programAction;
// The form to process files in, if specified.
FortranForm fortranForm = FortranForm::Unknown;
// The column after which characters are ignored in fixed form lines in the
// source file.
int fixedFormColumns = 72;
/// The input kind, either specified via -x argument or deduced from the input
/// file name.
InputKind dashX;
// Language features
common::LanguageFeatureControl features;
// Source file encoding
Fortran::parser::Encoding encoding{Fortran::parser::Encoding::UTF_8};
/// The list of plugins to load.
std::vector<std::string> plugins;
/// The name of the action to run when using a plugin action.
std::string ActionName;
// Return the appropriate input kind for a file extension. For example,
/// "*.f" would return Language::Fortran.
/// \return The input kind for the extension, or Language::Unknown if the
/// extension is not recognized.
static InputKind GetInputKindForExtension(llvm::StringRef extension);
} // namespace Fortran::frontend