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# Tests CrossOverTest.
# We want to make sure that the test can find the input
# ABCDEFGHIJ when given two other inputs in the seed corpus:
# ABCDE00000 and
RUN: %cpp_compiler %S/CrossOverTest.cpp -o %t-CrossOverTest
RUN: rm -rf %t-corpus
RUN: mkdir %t-corpus
RUN: echo -n ABCDE00000 > %t-corpus/A
RUN: echo -n ZZZZZFGHIJ > %t-corpus/B
RUN: not %run %t-CrossOverTest -max_len=10 -reduce_inputs=0 -seed=1 -runs=10000000 %t-corpus
# Test the same thing but using -seed_inputs instead of passing the corpus dir.
RUN: not %run %t-CrossOverTest -max_len=10 -reduce_inputs=0 -seed=1 -runs=10000000 -seed_inputs=%t-corpus/A,%t-corpus/B