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//===--- Tweak.h -------------------------------------------------*- C++-*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// Tweaks are small actions that run over the AST and produce edits, messages
// etc as a result. They are local, i.e. they should take the current editor
// context, e.g. the cursor position and selection into account.
// The actions are executed in two stages:
// - Stage 1 should check whether the action is available in a current
// context. It should be cheap and fast to compute as it is executed for all
// available actions on every client request, which happen quite frequently.
// - Stage 2 is performed after stage 1 and can be more expensive to compute.
// It is performed when the user actually chooses the action.
#include "ParsedAST.h"
#include "Protocol.h"
#include "Selection.h"
#include "SourceCode.h"
#include "index/Index.h"
#include "support/Path.h"
#include "clang/Tooling/Core/Replacement.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/ArrayRef.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/Optional.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringMap.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Error.h"
#include <string>
namespace clang {
namespace clangd {
class FeatureModuleSet;
/// An interface base for small context-sensitive refactoring actions.
/// To implement a new tweak use the following pattern in a .cpp file:
/// class MyTweak : public Tweak {
/// public:
/// const char* id() const override final; // defined by REGISTER_TWEAK.
/// // implement other methods here.
/// };
class Tweak {
/// Input to prepare and apply tweaks.
struct Selection {
Selection(const SymbolIndex *Index, ParsedAST &AST, unsigned RangeBegin,
unsigned RangeEnd, SelectionTree ASTSelection,
llvm::vfs::FileSystem *VFS);
/// The text of the active document.
llvm::StringRef Code;
/// The Index for handling codebase related queries.
const SymbolIndex *Index = nullptr;
/// The parsed active file. Never null. (Pointer so Selection is movable).
ParsedAST *AST;
/// A location of the cursor in the editor.
// FIXME: Cursor is redundant and should be removed
SourceLocation Cursor;
/// The begin offset of the selection
unsigned SelectionBegin;
/// The end offset of the selection
unsigned SelectionEnd;
/// The AST nodes that were selected.
SelectionTree ASTSelection;
/// File system used to access source code (for cross-file tweaks).
/// This is only populated when applying a tweak, not during prepare.
llvm::vfs::FileSystem *FS = nullptr;
// FIXME: provide a way to get sources and ASTs for other files.
struct Effect {
/// A message to be displayed to the user.
llvm::Optional<std::string> ShowMessage;
FileEdits ApplyEdits;
/// Whether the edits should be formatted before presenting to the client.
/// Note that it applies to all files.
bool FormatEdits = true;
static Effect showMessage(StringRef S) {
Effect E;
E.ShowMessage = std::string(S);
return E;
/// Path is the absolute, symlink-resolved path for the file pointed by FID
/// in SM. Edit is generated from Replacements.
/// Fails if cannot figure out absolute path for FID.
static llvm::Expected<std::pair<Path, Edit>>
fileEdit(const SourceManager &SM, FileID FID,
tooling::Replacements Replacements);
/// Creates an effect with an Edit for the main file.
/// Fails if cannot figure out absolute path for main file.
static llvm::Expected<Tweak::Effect>
mainFileEdit(const SourceManager &SM, tooling::Replacements Replacements);
virtual ~Tweak() = default;
/// A unique id of the action, it is always equal to the name of the class
/// defining the Tweak. Definition is provided automatically by
virtual const char *id() const = 0;
/// Run the first stage of the action. Returns true indicating that the
/// action is available and should be shown to the user. Returns false if the
/// action is not available.
/// This function should be fast, if the action requires non-trivial work it
/// should be moved into 'apply'.
/// Returns true iff the action is available and apply() can be called on it.
virtual bool prepare(const Selection &Sel) = 0;
/// Run the second stage of the action that would produce the actual effect.
/// EXPECTS: prepare() was called and returned true.
virtual Expected<Effect> apply(const Selection &Sel) = 0;
/// A one-line title of the action that should be shown to the users in the
/// UI.
/// EXPECTS: prepare() was called and returned true.
virtual std::string title() const = 0;
/// Describes what kind of action this is.
/// EXPECTS: prepare() was called and returned true.
virtual llvm::StringLiteral kind() const = 0;
/// Is this a 'hidden' tweak, which are off by default.
virtual bool hidden() const { return false; }
// All tweaks must be registered in the .cpp file next to their definition.
#define REGISTER_TWEAK(Subclass) \
::llvm::Registry<::clang::clangd::Tweak>::Add<Subclass> \
TweakRegistrationFor##Subclass(#Subclass, /*Description=*/""); \
const char *Subclass::id() const { return #Subclass; }
/// Calls prepare() on all tweaks that satisfy the filter, returning those that
/// can run on the selection.
prepareTweaks(const Tweak::Selection &S,
llvm::function_ref<bool(const Tweak &)> Filter,
const FeatureModuleSet *Modules);
// Calls prepare() on the tweak with a given ID.
// If prepare() returns false, returns an error.
// If prepare() returns true, returns the corresponding tweak.
prepareTweak(StringRef ID, const Tweak::Selection &S,
const FeatureModuleSet *Modules);
} // namespace clangd
} // namespace clang