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.. title:: clang-tidy - readability-uppercase-literal-suffix
`cert-dcl16-c` redirects here as an alias for this check.
By default, only the suffixes that begin with ``l`` (``l``, ``ll``, ``lu``,
``llu``, but not ``u``, ``ul``, ``ull``) are diagnosed by that alias.
`hicpp-uppercase-literal-suffix` redirects here as an alias for this check.
Detects when the integral literal or floating point (decimal or hexadecimal)
literal has a non-uppercase suffix and provides a fix-it hint with the uppercase
All valid combinations of suffixes are supported.
.. code:: c
auto x = 1; // OK, no suffix.
auto x = 1u; // warning: integer literal suffix 'u' is not upper-case
auto x = 1U; // OK, suffix is uppercase.
.. option:: NewSuffixes
Optionally, a list of the destination suffixes can be provided. When the
suffix is found, a case-insensitive lookup in that list is made, and if a
replacement is found that is different from the current suffix, then the
diagnostic is issued. This allows for fine-grained control of what suffixes to
consider and what their replacements should be.
Given a list `L;uL`:
* ``l`` -> ``L``
* ``L`` will be kept as is.
* ``ul`` -> ``uL``
* ``Ul`` -> ``uL``
* ``UL`` -> ``uL``
* ``uL`` will be kept as is.
* ``ull`` will be kept as is, since it is not in the list
* and so on.
.. option:: IgnoreMacros
If this option is set to `true` (default is `true`), the check will not warn
about literal suffixes inside macros.