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.. title:: clang-tidy - readability-redundant-string-init
Finds unnecessary string initializations.
.. code-block:: c++
// Initializing string with empty string literal is unnecessary.
std::string a = "";
std::string b("");
// becomes
std::string a;
std::string b;
// Initializing a string_view with an empty string literal produces an
// instance that compares equal to string_view().
std::string_view a = "";
std::string_view b("");
// becomes
std::string_view a;
std::string_view b;
.. option:: StringNames
Default is `::std::basic_string;::std::basic_string_view`.
Semicolon-delimited list of class names to apply this check to.
By default `::std::basic_string` applies to ``std::string`` and
``std::wstring``. Set to e.g. `::std::basic_string;llvm::StringRef;QString`
to perform this check on custom classes.