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.. title:: clang-tidy - modernize-deprecated-headers
Some headers from C library were deprecated in C++ and are no longer welcome in
C++ codebases. Some have no effect in C++. For more details refer to the C++ 14
Standard [depr.c.headers] section.
This check replaces C standard library headers with their C++ alternatives and
removes redundant ones.
Important note: the Standard doesn't guarantee that the C++ headers declare all
the same functions in the global namespace. The check in its current form can
break the code that uses library symbols from the global namespace.
* `<assert.h>`
* `<complex.h>`
* `<ctype.h>`
* `<errno.h>`
* `<fenv.h>` // deprecated since C++11
* `<float.h>`
* `<inttypes.h>`
* `<limits.h>`
* `<locale.h>`
* `<math.h>`
* `<setjmp.h>`
* `<signal.h>`
* `<stdarg.h>`
* `<stddef.h>`
* `<stdint.h>`
* `<stdio.h>`
* `<stdlib.h>`
* `<string.h>`
* `<tgmath.h>` // deprecated since C++11
* `<time.h>`
* `<uchar.h>` // deprecated since C++11
* `<wchar.h>`
* `<wctype.h>`
If the specified standard is older than C++11 the check will only replace
headers deprecated before C++11, otherwise -- every header that appeared in
the previous list.
These headers don't have effect in C++:
* `<iso646.h>`
* `<stdalign.h>`
* `<stdbool.h>`