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.. title:: clang-tidy - fuchsia-statically-constructed-objects
Warns if global, non-trivial objects with static storage are constructed, unless
the object is statically initialized with a ``constexpr`` constructor or has no
explicit constructor.
For example:
.. code-block:: c++
class A {};
class B {
B(int Val) : Val(Val) {}
int Val;
class C {
C(int Val) : Val(Val) {}
constexpr C() : Val(0) {}
int Val;
static A a; // No warning, as there is no explicit constructor
static C c(0); // No warning, as constructor is constexpr
static B b(0); // Warning, as constructor is not constexpr
static C c2(0, 1); // Warning, as constructor is not constexpr
static int i; // No warning, as it is trivial
extern int get_i();
static C(get_i()) // Warning, as the constructor is dynamically initialized
See the features disallowed in Fuchsia at