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.. title:: clang-tidy - bugprone-dangling-handle
Detect dangling references in value handles like ``std::string_view``.
These dangling references can be a result of constructing handles from temporary
values, where the temporary is destroyed soon after the handle is created.
.. code-block:: c++
string_view View = string(); // View will dangle.
string A;
View = A + "A"; // still dangle.
vector<string_view> V;
V.push_back(string()); // V[0] is dangling.
V.resize(3, string()); // V[1] and V[2] will also dangle.
string_view f() {
// All these return values will dangle.
return string();
string S;
return S;
char Array[10]{};
return Array;
.. option:: HandleClasses
A semicolon-separated list of class names that should be treated as handles.
By default only ``std::basic_string_view`` and
``std::experimental::basic_string_view`` are considered.