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.. title:: clang-tidy - abseil-string-find-startswith
Checks whether a ``std::string::find()`` result is compared with 0, and
suggests replacing with ``absl::StartsWith()``. This is both a readability and
performance issue.
.. code-block:: c++
string s = "...";
if (s.find("Hello World") == 0) { /* do something */ }
.. code-block:: c++
string s = "...";
if (absl::StartsWith(s, "Hello World")) { /* do something */ }
.. option:: StringLikeClasses
Semicolon-separated list of names of string-like classes. By default only
``std::basic_string`` is considered. The list of methods to considered is
.. option:: IncludeStyle
A string specifying which include-style is used, `llvm` or `google`. Default
is `llvm`.
.. option:: AbseilStringsMatchHeader
The location of Abseil's ``strings/match.h``. Defaults to