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//===-- Background.cpp - Build an index in a background thread ------------===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include "index/Background.h"
#include "Compiler.h"
#include "Config.h"
#include "Headers.h"
#include "ParsedAST.h"
#include "SourceCode.h"
#include "Symbol.h"
#include "URI.h"
#include "index/BackgroundIndexLoader.h"
#include "index/FileIndex.h"
#include "index/Index.h"
#include "index/IndexAction.h"
#include "index/MemIndex.h"
#include "index/Ref.h"
#include "index/Relation.h"
#include "index/Serialization.h"
#include "index/SymbolCollector.h"
#include "support/Context.h"
#include "support/Logger.h"
#include "support/Path.h"
#include "support/Threading.h"
#include "support/ThreadsafeFS.h"
#include "support/Trace.h"
#include "clang/Basic/SourceLocation.h"
#include "clang/Basic/SourceManager.h"
#include "clang/Driver/Types.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/ArrayRef.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/DenseSet.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/Hashing.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/STLExtras.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/ScopeExit.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringMap.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringSet.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Error.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Path.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Threading.h"
#include "llvm/Support/xxhash.h"
#include <algorithm>
#include <atomic>
#include <chrono>
#include <condition_variable>
#include <cstddef>
#include <memory>
#include <mutex>
#include <numeric>
#include <queue>
#include <random>
#include <string>
#include <thread>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
namespace clang {
namespace clangd {
namespace {
// We cannot use vfs->makeAbsolute because Cmd.FileName is either absolute or
// relative to Cmd.Directory, which might not be the same as current working
// directory.
llvm::SmallString<128> getAbsolutePath(const tooling::CompileCommand &Cmd) {
llvm::SmallString<128> AbsolutePath;
if (llvm::sys::path::is_absolute(Cmd.Filename)) {
AbsolutePath = Cmd.Filename;
} else {
AbsolutePath = Cmd.Directory;
llvm::sys::path::append(AbsolutePath, Cmd.Filename);
llvm::sys::path::remove_dots(AbsolutePath, true);
return AbsolutePath;
bool shardIsStale(const LoadedShard &LS, llvm::vfs::FileSystem *FS) {
auto Buf = FS->getBufferForFile(LS.AbsolutePath);
if (!Buf) {
elog("Background-index: Couldn't read {0} to validate stored index: {1}",
LS.AbsolutePath, Buf.getError().message());
// There is no point in indexing an unreadable file.
return false;
return digest(Buf->get()->getBuffer()) != LS.Digest;
} // namespace
const ThreadsafeFS &TFS, const GlobalCompilationDatabase &CDB,
BackgroundIndexStorage::Factory IndexStorageFactory, Options Opts)
: SwapIndex(std::make_unique<MemIndex>()), TFS(TFS), CDB(CDB),
Rebuilder(this, &IndexedSymbols, Opts.ThreadPoolSize),
CommandsChanged([&](const std::vector<std::string> &ChangedFiles) {
})) {
assert(Opts.ThreadPoolSize > 0 && "Thread pool size can't be zero.");
assert(this->IndexStorageFactory && "Storage factory can not be null!");
for (unsigned I = 0; I < Opts.ThreadPoolSize; ++I) {
ThreadPool.runAsync("background-worker-" + llvm::Twine(I + 1),
[this, Ctx(Context::current().clone())]() mutable {
WithContext BGContext(std::move(Ctx));[&] { Rebuilder.idle(); });
BackgroundIndex::~BackgroundIndex() {
BackgroundQueue::Task BackgroundIndex::changedFilesTask(
const std::vector<std::string> &ChangedFiles) {
BackgroundQueue::Task T([this, ChangedFiles] {
trace::Span Tracer("BackgroundIndexEnqueue");
llvm::Optional<WithContext> WithProvidedContext;
if (ContextProvider)
// We're doing this asynchronously, because we'll read shards here too.
log("Enqueueing {0} commands for indexing", ChangedFiles.size());
SPAN_ATTACH(Tracer, "files", int64_t(ChangedFiles.size()));
auto NeedsReIndexing = loadProject(std::move(ChangedFiles));
// Run indexing for files that need to be updated.
std::shuffle(NeedsReIndexing.begin(), NeedsReIndexing.end(),
std::vector<BackgroundQueue::Task> Tasks;
for (const auto &File : NeedsReIndexing)
T.QueuePri = LoadShards;
T.ThreadPri = llvm::ThreadPriority::Default;
return T;
static llvm::StringRef filenameWithoutExtension(llvm::StringRef Path) {
Path = llvm::sys::path::filename(Path);
return Path.drop_back(llvm::sys::path::extension(Path).size());
BackgroundQueue::Task BackgroundIndex::indexFileTask(std::string Path) {
std::string Tag = filenameWithoutExtension(Path).str();
uint64_t Key = llvm::xxHash64(Path);
BackgroundQueue::Task T([this, Path(std::move(Path))] {
llvm::Optional<WithContext> WithProvidedContext;
if (ContextProvider)
auto Cmd = CDB.getCompileCommand(Path);
if (!Cmd)
if (auto Error = index(std::move(*Cmd)))
elog("Indexing {0} failed: {1}", Path, std::move(Error));
T.QueuePri = IndexFile;
T.Tag = std::move(Tag);
T.Key = Key;
return T;
void BackgroundIndex::boostRelated(llvm::StringRef Path) {
if (isHeaderFile(Path))
Queue.boost(filenameWithoutExtension(Path), IndexBoostedFile);
/// Given index results from a TU, only update symbols coming from files that
/// are different or missing from than \p ShardVersionsSnapshot. Also stores new
/// index information on IndexStorage.
void BackgroundIndex::update(
llvm::StringRef MainFile, IndexFileIn Index,
const llvm::StringMap<ShardVersion> &ShardVersionsSnapshot,
bool HadErrors) {
// Keys are URIs.
llvm::StringMap<std::pair<Path, FileDigest>> FilesToUpdate;
// Note that sources do not contain any information regarding missing headers,
// since we don't even know what absolute path they should fall in.
for (const auto &IndexIt : *Index.Sources) {
const auto &IGN = IndexIt.getValue();
auto AbsPath = URI::resolve(IGN.URI, MainFile);
if (!AbsPath) {
elog("Failed to resolve URI: {0}", AbsPath.takeError());
const auto DigestIt = ShardVersionsSnapshot.find(*AbsPath);
// File has different contents, or indexing was successful this time.
if (DigestIt == ShardVersionsSnapshot.end() ||
DigestIt->getValue().Digest != IGN.Digest ||
(DigestIt->getValue().HadErrors && !HadErrors))
FilesToUpdate[IGN.URI] = {std::move(*AbsPath), IGN.Digest};
// Shard slabs into files.
FileShardedIndex ShardedIndex(std::move(Index));
// Build and store new slabs for each updated file.
for (const auto &FileIt : FilesToUpdate) {
auto Uri = FileIt.first();
auto IF = ShardedIndex.getShard(Uri);
assert(IF && "no shard for file in Index.Sources?");
PathRef Path = FileIt.getValue().first;
// Only store command line hash for main files of the TU, since our
// current model keeps only one version of a header file.
if (Path != MainFile)
// We need to store shards before updating the index, since the latter
// consumes slabs.
// FIXME: Also skip serializing the shard if it is already up-to-date.
if (auto Error = IndexStorageFactory(Path)->storeShard(Path, *IF))
elog("Failed to write background-index shard for file {0}: {1}", Path,
std::lock_guard<std::mutex> Lock(ShardVersionsMu);
const auto &Hash = FileIt.getValue().second;
auto DigestIt = ShardVersions.try_emplace(Path);
ShardVersion &SV = DigestIt.first->second;
// Skip if file is already up to date, unless previous index was broken
// and this one is not.
if (!DigestIt.second && SV.Digest == Hash && SV.HadErrors && !HadErrors)
SV.Digest = Hash;
SV.HadErrors = HadErrors;
// This can override a newer version that is added in another thread, if
// this thread sees the older version but finishes later. This should be
// rare in practice.
Uri, std::make_unique<SymbolSlab>(std::move(*IF->Symbols)),
Path == MainFile);
llvm::Error BackgroundIndex::index(tooling::CompileCommand Cmd) {
trace::Span Tracer("BackgroundIndex");
SPAN_ATTACH(Tracer, "file", Cmd.Filename);
auto AbsolutePath = getAbsolutePath(Cmd);
auto FS = TFS.view(Cmd.Directory);
auto Buf = FS->getBufferForFile(AbsolutePath);
if (!Buf)
return llvm::errorCodeToError(Buf.getError());
auto Hash = digest(Buf->get()->getBuffer());
// Take a snapshot of the versions to avoid locking for each file in the TU.
llvm::StringMap<ShardVersion> ShardVersionsSnapshot;
std::lock_guard<std::mutex> Lock(ShardVersionsMu);
ShardVersionsSnapshot = ShardVersions;
vlog("Indexing {0} (digest:={1})", Cmd.Filename, llvm::toHex(Hash));
ParseInputs Inputs;
Inputs.TFS = &TFS;
Inputs.CompileCommand = std::move(Cmd);
IgnoreDiagnostics IgnoreDiags;
auto CI = buildCompilerInvocation(Inputs, IgnoreDiags);
if (!CI)
return error("Couldn't build compiler invocation");
auto Clang =
prepareCompilerInstance(std::move(CI), /*Preamble=*/nullptr,
std::move(*Buf), std::move(FS), IgnoreDiags);
if (!Clang)
return error("Couldn't build compiler instance");
SymbolCollector::Options IndexOpts;
// Creates a filter to not collect index results from files with unchanged
// digests.
IndexOpts.FileFilter = [&ShardVersionsSnapshot](const SourceManager &SM,
FileID FID) {
const auto *F = SM.getFileEntryForID(FID);
if (!F)
return false; // Skip invalid files.
auto AbsPath = getCanonicalPath(F, SM);
if (!AbsPath)
return false; // Skip files without absolute path.
auto Digest = digestFile(SM, FID);
if (!Digest)
return false;
auto D = ShardVersionsSnapshot.find(*AbsPath);
if (D != ShardVersionsSnapshot.end() && D->second.Digest == Digest &&
return false; // Skip files that haven't changed, without errors.
return true;
IndexOpts.CollectMainFileRefs = true;
IndexFileIn Index;
auto Action = createStaticIndexingAction(
IndexOpts, [&](SymbolSlab S) { Index.Symbols = std::move(S); },
[&](RefSlab R) { Index.Refs = std::move(R); },
[&](RelationSlab R) { Index.Relations = std::move(R); },
[&](IncludeGraph IG) { Index.Sources = std::move(IG); });
// We're going to run clang here, and it could potentially crash.
// We could use CrashRecoveryContext to try to make indexing crashes nonfatal,
// but the leaky "recovery" is pretty scary too in a long-running process.
// If crashes are a real problem, maybe we should fork a child process.
const FrontendInputFile &Input = Clang->getFrontendOpts().Inputs.front();
if (!Action->BeginSourceFile(*Clang, Input))
return error("BeginSourceFile() failed");
if (llvm::Error Err = Action->Execute())
return Err;
Index.Cmd = Inputs.CompileCommand;
assert(Index.Symbols && Index.Refs && Index.Sources &&
"Symbols, Refs and Sources must be set.");
log("Indexed {0} ({1} symbols, {2} refs, {3} files)",
Inputs.CompileCommand.Filename, Index.Symbols->size(),
Index.Refs->numRefs(), Index.Sources->size());
SPAN_ATTACH(Tracer, "symbols", int(Index.Symbols->size()));
SPAN_ATTACH(Tracer, "refs", int(Index.Refs->numRefs()));
SPAN_ATTACH(Tracer, "sources", int(Index.Sources->size()));
bool HadErrors = Clang->hasDiagnostics() &&
if (HadErrors) {
log("Failed to compile {0}, index may be incomplete", AbsolutePath);
for (auto &It : *Index.Sources)
It.second.Flags |= IncludeGraphNode::SourceFlag::HadErrors;
update(AbsolutePath, std::move(Index), ShardVersionsSnapshot, HadErrors);
return llvm::Error::success();
// Restores shards for \p MainFiles from index storage. Then checks staleness of
// those shards and returns a list of TUs that needs to be indexed to update
// staleness.
BackgroundIndex::loadProject(std::vector<std::string> MainFiles) {
// Drop files where background indexing is disabled in config.
if (ContextProvider)
llvm::erase_if(MainFiles, [&](const std::string &TU) {
// Load the config for each TU, as indexing may be selectively enabled.
WithContext WithProvidedContext(ContextProvider(TU));
return Config::current().Index.Background ==
// Load shards for all of the mainfiles.
const std::vector<LoadedShard> Result =
loadIndexShards(MainFiles, IndexStorageFactory, CDB);
size_t LoadedShards = 0;
// Update in-memory state.
std::lock_guard<std::mutex> Lock(ShardVersionsMu);
for (auto &LS : Result) {
if (!LS.Shard)
auto SS =
? std::make_unique<SymbolSlab>(std::move(*LS.Shard->Symbols))
: nullptr;
auto RS = LS.Shard->Refs
? std::make_unique<RefSlab>(std::move(*LS.Shard->Refs))
: nullptr;
auto RelS =
? std::make_unique<RelationSlab>(std::move(*LS.Shard->Relations))
: nullptr;
ShardVersion &SV = ShardVersions[LS.AbsolutePath];
SV.Digest = LS.Digest;
SV.HadErrors = LS.HadErrors;
std::move(SS), std::move(RS), std::move(RelS),
auto FS = TFS.view(/*CWD=*/llvm::None);
llvm::DenseSet<PathRef> TUsToIndex;
// We'll accept data from stale shards, but ensure the files get reindexed
// soon.
for (auto &LS : Result) {
if (!shardIsStale(LS, FS.get()))
PathRef TUForFile = LS.DependentTU;
assert(!TUForFile.empty() && "File without a TU!");
// FIXME: Currently, we simply schedule indexing on a TU whenever any of
// its dependencies needs re-indexing. We might do it smarter by figuring
// out a minimal set of TUs that will cover all the stale dependencies.
// FIXME: Try looking at other TUs if no compile commands are available
// for this TU, i.e TU was deleted after we performed indexing.
return {TUsToIndex.begin(), TUsToIndex.end()};
void BackgroundIndex::profile(MemoryTree &MT) const {
// We don't want to mix memory used by index and symbols, so call base class.
} // namespace clangd
} // namespace clang