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Test that both llvm-dis (uses a data streamer) and opt (no data streamer)
handle a .bc file with any padding.
A file padded with '\n' can be produced under a peculiar situation:
* A .bc is produced os OS X, but without a darwin triple, so it has no
* It is included in a .a archive
* ranlib is ran on that archive. It will pad the members to make them multiple
of 8 bytes.
and there is no reason to not handle the general case.
RUN: llvm-dis -disable-output %p/Inputs/padding.bc
RUN: opt -disable-output %p/Inputs/padding.bc
RUN: llvm-dis -disable-output %p/Inputs/padding-garbage.bc
RUN: opt -disable-output %p/Inputs/padding-garbage.bc