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# Tool-specific config options.
config.name_suffix = "@XRAY_TEST_CONFIG_SUFFIX@"
config.xray_lit_source_dir = "@XRAY_LIT_SOURCE_DIR@"
config.target_cflags = "@XRAY_TEST_TARGET_CFLAGS@"
config.target_arch = "@XRAY_TEST_TARGET_ARCH@"
config.built_with_llvm = ("@COMPILER_RT_STANDALONE_BUILD@" != "TRUE")
# TODO: Look into whether we can run a capability test on the standalone build to
# see whether it can run 'llvm-xray convert' instead of turning off tests for a
# standalone build.
if config.built_with_llvm:
# Load common config for all compiler-rt lit tests
lit_config.load_config(config, "@COMPILER_RT_BINARY_DIR@/test/lit.common.configured")
# Load tool-specific config that would do the real work.
lit_config.load_config(config, "@CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR@/")