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//===-- GCNHazardRecognizers.h - GCN Hazard Recognizers ---------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This file defines hazard recognizers for scheduling on GCN processors.
#include "llvm/ADT/BitVector.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/STLExtras.h"
#include "llvm/CodeGen/ScheduleHazardRecognizer.h"
#include "llvm/CodeGen/TargetSchedule.h"
#include <list>
namespace llvm {
class MachineFunction;
class MachineInstr;
class MachineOperand;
class MachineRegisterInfo;
class ScheduleDAG;
class SIInstrInfo;
class SIRegisterInfo;
class GCNSubtarget;
class GCNHazardRecognizer final : public ScheduleHazardRecognizer {
typedef function_ref<bool(const MachineInstr &)> IsHazardFn;
// Distinguish if we are called from scheduler or hazard recognizer
bool IsHazardRecognizerMode;
// This variable stores the instruction that has been emitted this cycle. It
// will be added to EmittedInstrs, when AdvanceCycle() or RecedeCycle() is
// called.
MachineInstr *CurrCycleInstr;
std::list<MachineInstr*> EmittedInstrs;
const MachineFunction &MF;
const GCNSubtarget &ST;
const SIInstrInfo &TII;
const SIRegisterInfo &TRI;
TargetSchedModel TSchedModel;
bool RunLdsBranchVmemWARHazardFixup;
/// RegUnits of uses in the current soft memory clause.
BitVector ClauseUses;
/// RegUnits of defs in the current soft memory clause.
BitVector ClauseDefs;
void resetClause() {
void addClauseInst(const MachineInstr &MI);
// Advance over a MachineInstr bundle. Look for hazards in the bundled
// instructions.
void processBundle();
int getWaitStatesSince(IsHazardFn IsHazard, int Limit);
int getWaitStatesSinceDef(unsigned Reg, IsHazardFn IsHazardDef, int Limit);
int getWaitStatesSinceSetReg(IsHazardFn IsHazard, int Limit);
int checkSoftClauseHazards(MachineInstr *SMEM);
int checkSMRDHazards(MachineInstr *SMRD);
int checkVMEMHazards(MachineInstr* VMEM);
int checkDPPHazards(MachineInstr *DPP);
int checkDivFMasHazards(MachineInstr *DivFMas);
int checkGetRegHazards(MachineInstr *GetRegInstr);
int checkSetRegHazards(MachineInstr *SetRegInstr);
int createsVALUHazard(const MachineInstr &MI);
int checkVALUHazards(MachineInstr *VALU);
int checkVALUHazardsHelper(const MachineOperand &Def, const MachineRegisterInfo &MRI);
int checkRWLaneHazards(MachineInstr *RWLane);
int checkRFEHazards(MachineInstr *RFE);
int checkInlineAsmHazards(MachineInstr *IA);
int checkReadM0Hazards(MachineInstr *SMovRel);
int checkNSAtoVMEMHazard(MachineInstr *MI);
int checkFPAtomicToDenormModeHazard(MachineInstr *MI);
void fixHazards(MachineInstr *MI);
bool fixVcmpxPermlaneHazards(MachineInstr *MI);
bool fixVMEMtoScalarWriteHazards(MachineInstr *MI);
bool fixSMEMtoVectorWriteHazards(MachineInstr *MI);
bool fixVcmpxExecWARHazard(MachineInstr *MI);
bool fixLdsBranchVmemWARHazard(MachineInstr *MI);
int checkMAIHazards(MachineInstr *MI);
int checkMAIHazards908(MachineInstr *MI);
int checkMAIHazards90A(MachineInstr *MI);
int checkMAIVALUHazards(MachineInstr *MI);
int checkMAILdStHazards(MachineInstr *MI);
GCNHazardRecognizer(const MachineFunction &MF);
// We can only issue one instruction per cycle.
bool atIssueLimit() const override { return true; }
void EmitInstruction(SUnit *SU) override;
void EmitInstruction(MachineInstr *MI) override;
HazardType getHazardType(SUnit *SU, int Stalls) override;
void EmitNoop() override;
unsigned PreEmitNoops(MachineInstr *) override;
unsigned PreEmitNoopsCommon(MachineInstr *);
void AdvanceCycle() override;
void RecedeCycle() override;
bool ShouldPreferAnother(SUnit *SU) override;
void Reset() override;
} // end namespace llvm