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//===-- AMDGPUISelDAGToDAG.h - A dag to dag inst selector for AMDGPU ----===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
/// \file
/// Defines an instruction selector for the AMDGPU target.
#include "GCNSubtarget.h"
#include "SIMachineFunctionInfo.h"
#include "llvm/CodeGen/SelectionDAGISel.h"
#include "llvm/Target/TargetMachine.h"
using namespace llvm;
namespace {
static inline bool isNullConstantOrUndef(SDValue V) {
if (V.isUndef())
return true;
ConstantSDNode *Const = dyn_cast<ConstantSDNode>(V);
return Const != nullptr && Const->isZero();
static inline bool getConstantValue(SDValue N, uint32_t &Out) {
// This is only used for packed vectors, where using 0 for undef should
// always be good.
if (N.isUndef()) {
Out = 0;
return true;
if (const ConstantSDNode *C = dyn_cast<ConstantSDNode>(N)) {
Out = C->getAPIntValue().getSExtValue();
return true;
if (const ConstantFPSDNode *C = dyn_cast<ConstantFPSDNode>(N)) {
Out = C->getValueAPF().bitcastToAPInt().getSExtValue();
return true;
return false;
// TODO: Handle undef as zero
static inline SDNode *packConstantV2I16(const SDNode *N, SelectionDAG &DAG,
bool Negate = false) {
assert(N->getOpcode() == ISD::BUILD_VECTOR && N->getNumOperands() == 2);
uint32_t LHSVal, RHSVal;
if (getConstantValue(N->getOperand(0), LHSVal) &&
getConstantValue(N->getOperand(1), RHSVal)) {
SDLoc SL(N);
uint32_t K = Negate ? (-LHSVal & 0xffff) | (-RHSVal << 16)
: (LHSVal & 0xffff) | (RHSVal << 16);
return DAG.getMachineNode(AMDGPU::S_MOV_B32, SL, N->getValueType(0),
DAG.getTargetConstant(K, SL, MVT::i32));
return nullptr;
static inline SDNode *packNegConstantV2I16(const SDNode *N, SelectionDAG &DAG) {
return packConstantV2I16(N, DAG, true);
} // namespace
/// AMDGPU specific code to select AMDGPU machine instructions for
/// SelectionDAG operations.
class AMDGPUDAGToDAGISel : public SelectionDAGISel {
// Subtarget - Keep a pointer to the AMDGPU Subtarget around so that we can
// make the right decision when generating code for different targets.
const GCNSubtarget *Subtarget;
// Default FP mode for the current function.
AMDGPU::SIModeRegisterDefaults Mode;
bool EnableLateStructurizeCFG;
// Instructions that will be lowered with a final instruction that zeros the
// high result bits.
bool fp16SrcZerosHighBits(unsigned Opc) const;
explicit AMDGPUDAGToDAGISel(TargetMachine *TM = nullptr,
CodeGenOpt::Level OptLevel = CodeGenOpt::Default);
~AMDGPUDAGToDAGISel() override = default;
void getAnalysisUsage(AnalysisUsage &AU) const override;
bool matchLoadD16FromBuildVector(SDNode *N) const;
bool runOnMachineFunction(MachineFunction &MF) override;
void PreprocessISelDAG() override;
void Select(SDNode *N) override;
StringRef getPassName() const override;
void PostprocessISelDAG() override;
void SelectBuildVector(SDNode *N, unsigned RegClassID);
std::pair<SDValue, SDValue> foldFrameIndex(SDValue N) const;
bool isNoNanSrc(SDValue N) const;
bool isInlineImmediate(const SDNode *N, bool Negated = false) const;
bool isNegInlineImmediate(const SDNode *N) const {
return isInlineImmediate(N, true);
bool isInlineImmediate16(int64_t Imm) const {
return AMDGPU::isInlinableLiteral16(Imm, Subtarget->hasInv2PiInlineImm());
bool isInlineImmediate32(int64_t Imm) const {
return AMDGPU::isInlinableLiteral32(Imm, Subtarget->hasInv2PiInlineImm());
bool isInlineImmediate64(int64_t Imm) const {
return AMDGPU::isInlinableLiteral64(Imm, Subtarget->hasInv2PiInlineImm());
bool isInlineImmediate(const APFloat &Imm) const {
return Subtarget->getInstrInfo()->isInlineConstant(Imm);
bool isVGPRImm(const SDNode *N) const;
bool isUniformLoad(const SDNode *N) const;
bool isUniformBr(const SDNode *N) const;
// Returns true if ISD::AND SDNode `N`'s masking of the shift amount operand's
// `ShAmtBits` bits is unneeded.
bool isUnneededShiftMask(const SDNode *N, unsigned ShAmtBits) const;
bool isBaseWithConstantOffset64(SDValue Addr, SDValue &LHS,
SDValue &RHS) const;
MachineSDNode *buildSMovImm64(SDLoc &DL, uint64_t Val, EVT VT) const;
SDNode *glueCopyToOp(SDNode *N, SDValue NewChain, SDValue Glue) const;
SDNode *glueCopyToM0(SDNode *N, SDValue Val) const;
SDNode *glueCopyToM0LDSInit(SDNode *N) const;
const TargetRegisterClass *getOperandRegClass(SDNode *N, unsigned OpNo) const;
virtual bool SelectADDRVTX_READ(SDValue Addr, SDValue &Base, SDValue &Offset);
virtual bool SelectADDRIndirect(SDValue Addr, SDValue &Base, SDValue &Offset);
bool isDSOffsetLegal(SDValue Base, unsigned Offset) const;
bool isDSOffset2Legal(SDValue Base, unsigned Offset0, unsigned Offset1,
unsigned Size) const;
bool SelectDS1Addr1Offset(SDValue Ptr, SDValue &Base, SDValue &Offset) const;
bool SelectDS64Bit4ByteAligned(SDValue Ptr, SDValue &Base, SDValue &Offset0,
SDValue &Offset1) const;
bool SelectDS128Bit8ByteAligned(SDValue Ptr, SDValue &Base, SDValue &Offset0,
SDValue &Offset1) const;
bool SelectDSReadWrite2(SDValue Ptr, SDValue &Base, SDValue &Offset0,
SDValue &Offset1, unsigned Size) const;
bool SelectMUBUF(SDValue Addr, SDValue &SRsrc, SDValue &VAddr,
SDValue &SOffset, SDValue &Offset, SDValue &Offen,
SDValue &Idxen, SDValue &Addr64) const;
bool SelectMUBUFAddr64(SDValue Addr, SDValue &SRsrc, SDValue &VAddr,
SDValue &SOffset, SDValue &Offset) const;
bool SelectMUBUFScratchOffen(SDNode *Parent, SDValue Addr, SDValue &RSrc,
SDValue &VAddr, SDValue &SOffset,
SDValue &ImmOffset) const;
bool SelectMUBUFScratchOffset(SDNode *Parent, SDValue Addr, SDValue &SRsrc,
SDValue &Soffset, SDValue &Offset) const;
bool SelectMUBUFOffset(SDValue Addr, SDValue &SRsrc, SDValue &Soffset,
SDValue &Offset) const;
bool SelectFlatOffsetImpl(SDNode *N, SDValue Addr, SDValue &VAddr,
SDValue &Offset, uint64_t FlatVariant) const;
bool SelectFlatOffset(SDNode *N, SDValue Addr, SDValue &VAddr,
SDValue &Offset) const;
bool SelectGlobalOffset(SDNode *N, SDValue Addr, SDValue &VAddr,
SDValue &Offset) const;
bool SelectScratchOffset(SDNode *N, SDValue Addr, SDValue &VAddr,
SDValue &Offset) const;
bool SelectGlobalSAddr(SDNode *N, SDValue Addr, SDValue &SAddr,
SDValue &VOffset, SDValue &Offset) const;
bool SelectScratchSAddr(SDNode *N, SDValue Addr, SDValue &SAddr,
SDValue &Offset) const;
bool SelectSMRDOffset(SDValue ByteOffsetNode, SDValue &Offset,
bool &Imm) const;
SDValue Expand32BitAddress(SDValue Addr) const;
bool SelectSMRD(SDValue Addr, SDValue &SBase, SDValue &Offset,
bool &Imm) const;
bool SelectSMRDImm(SDValue Addr, SDValue &SBase, SDValue &Offset) const;
bool SelectSMRDImm32(SDValue Addr, SDValue &SBase, SDValue &Offset) const;
bool SelectSMRDSgpr(SDValue Addr, SDValue &SBase, SDValue &Offset) const;
bool SelectSMRDBufferImm(SDValue Addr, SDValue &Offset) const;
bool SelectSMRDBufferImm32(SDValue Addr, SDValue &Offset) const;
bool SelectMOVRELOffset(SDValue Index, SDValue &Base, SDValue &Offset) const;
bool SelectVOP3Mods_NNaN(SDValue In, SDValue &Src, SDValue &SrcMods) const;
bool SelectVOP3ModsImpl(SDValue In, SDValue &Src, unsigned &SrcMods,
bool AllowAbs = true) const;
bool SelectVOP3Mods(SDValue In, SDValue &Src, SDValue &SrcMods) const;
bool SelectVOP3BMods(SDValue In, SDValue &Src, SDValue &SrcMods) const;
bool SelectVOP3NoMods(SDValue In, SDValue &Src) const;
bool SelectVOP3Mods0(SDValue In, SDValue &Src, SDValue &SrcMods,
SDValue &Clamp, SDValue &Omod) const;
bool SelectVOP3BMods0(SDValue In, SDValue &Src, SDValue &SrcMods,
SDValue &Clamp, SDValue &Omod) const;
bool SelectVOP3NoMods0(SDValue In, SDValue &Src, SDValue &SrcMods,
SDValue &Clamp, SDValue &Omod) const;
bool SelectVOP3OMods(SDValue In, SDValue &Src, SDValue &Clamp,
SDValue &Omod) const;
bool SelectVOP3PMods(SDValue In, SDValue &Src, SDValue &SrcMods) const;
bool SelectVOP3OpSel(SDValue In, SDValue &Src, SDValue &SrcMods) const;
bool SelectVOP3OpSelMods(SDValue In, SDValue &Src, SDValue &SrcMods) const;
bool SelectVOP3PMadMixModsImpl(SDValue In, SDValue &Src,
unsigned &Mods) const;
bool SelectVOP3PMadMixMods(SDValue In, SDValue &Src, SDValue &SrcMods) const;
SDValue getHi16Elt(SDValue In) const;
SDValue getMaterializedScalarImm32(int64_t Val, const SDLoc &DL) const;
void SelectADD_SUB_I64(SDNode *N);
void SelectAddcSubb(SDNode *N);
void SelectUADDO_USUBO(SDNode *N);
void SelectDIV_SCALE(SDNode *N);
void SelectMAD_64_32(SDNode *N);
void SelectMUL_LOHI(SDNode *N);
void SelectFMA_W_CHAIN(SDNode *N);
void SelectFMUL_W_CHAIN(SDNode *N);
SDNode *getBFE32(bool IsSigned, const SDLoc &DL, SDValue Val, uint32_t Offset,
uint32_t Width);
void SelectS_BFEFromShifts(SDNode *N);
void SelectS_BFE(SDNode *N);
bool isCBranchSCC(const SDNode *N) const;
void SelectBRCOND(SDNode *N);
void SelectFMAD_FMA(SDNode *N);
void SelectATOMIC_CMP_SWAP(SDNode *N);
void SelectDSAppendConsume(SDNode *N, unsigned IntrID);
void SelectDS_GWS(SDNode *N, unsigned IntrID);
void SelectInterpP1F16(SDNode *N);
void SelectINTRINSIC_W_CHAIN(SDNode *N);
void SelectINTRINSIC_VOID(SDNode *N);
// Include the pieces autogenerated from the target description.
#include ""