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// RUN: llvm-mc -filetype=obj -triple i386-pc-linux-gnu %s -relax-relocations=false -o - | llvm-readobj -r - | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=CHECK --check-prefix=I386
// RUN: llvm-mc -filetype=obj -triple i386-pc-elfiamcu %s -relax-relocations=false -o - | llvm-readobj -r - | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=CHECK --check-prefix=IAMCU
// Test that we produce the correct relocation types and that the relocations
// correctly point to the section or the symbol.
// IAMCU: Format: elf32-iamcu
// I386: Format: elf32-i386
// CHECK: Relocations [
// CHECK-NEXT: Section {{.*}} .rel.text {
/// Do not use STT_SECTION symbol for R_386_GOTOFF to work around a gold<2.34 bug
// I386-NEXT: 0x2 R_386_GOTOFF .Lfoo
// IAMCU-NEXT: 0x2 R_386_GOTOFF .rodata.str1.1
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x{{[^ ]+}} R_386_PLT32 bar2
// Relocation 3 (bar3@GOTOFF) is done with symbol 7 (bss)
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x{{[^ ]+}} R_386_GOTOFF .bss
// Relocation 4 (bar2@GOT) is of type R_386_GOT32
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x{{[^ ]+}} R_386_GOT32 bar2j
// Relocation 5 (foo@TLSGD) is of type R_386_TLS_GD
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x20 R_386_TLS_GD foo
// Relocation 6 ($foo@TPOFF) is of type R_386_TLS_LE_32
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x25 R_386_TLS_LE_32 foo
// Relocation 7 (foo@INDNTPOFF) is of type R_386_TLS_IE
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x2B R_386_TLS_IE foo
// Relocation 8 (foo@NTPOFF) is of type R_386_TLS_LE
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x31 R_386_TLS_LE foo
// Relocation 9 (foo@GOTNTPOFF) is of type R_386_TLS_GOTIE
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x37 R_386_TLS_GOTIE foo
// Relocation 10 (foo@TLSLDM) is of type R_386_TLS_LDM
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x3D R_386_TLS_LDM foo
// Relocation 11 (foo@DTPOFF) is of type R_386_TLS_LDO_32
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x43 R_386_TLS_LDO_32 foo
// Relocation 12 (calll 4096) is of type R_386_PC32
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x48 R_386_PC32 -
// Relocation 13 (zed@GOT) is of type R_386_GOT32 and uses the symbol
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x4E R_386_GOT32 zed
// Relocation 14 (zed@GOTOFF) is of type R_386_GOTOFF and uses the symbol
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x54 R_386_GOTOFF zed
// Relocation 15 (zed@INDNTPOFF) is of type R_386_TLS_IE and uses the symbol
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x5A R_386_TLS_IE zed
// Relocation 16 (zed@NTPOFF) is of type R_386_TLS_LE and uses the symbol
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x60 R_386_TLS_LE zed
// Relocation 17 (zed@GOTNTPOFF) is of type R_386_TLS_GOTIE and uses the symbol
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x66 R_386_TLS_GOTIE zed
// Relocation 18 (zed@PLT) is of type R_386_PLT32 and uses the symbol
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x6B R_386_PLT32 zed
// Relocation 19 (zed@TLSGD) is of type R_386_TLS_GD and uses the symbol
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x71 R_386_TLS_GD zed
// Relocation 20 (zed@TLSLDM) is of type R_386_TLS_LDM and uses the symbol
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x77 R_386_TLS_LDM zed
// Relocation 21 (zed@TPOFF) is of type R_386_TLS_LE_32 and uses the symbol
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x7D R_386_TLS_LE_32 zed
// Relocation 22 (zed@DTPOFF) is of type R_386_TLS_LDO_32 and uses the symbol
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x83 R_386_TLS_LDO_32 zed
// Relocation 23 ($bar) is of type R_386_32 and uses the section
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x{{[^ ]+}} R_386_32 .text
// Relocation 24 (foo@GOTTPOFF(%edx)) is of type R_386_TLS_IE_32 and uses the
// symbol
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x8E R_386_TLS_IE_32 foo
// Relocation 25 (_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_-bar2) is of type R_386_GOTPC.
// Relocation 26 (und_symbol-bar2) is of type R_386_PC32
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x9A R_386_PC32 und_symbol
// Relocation 27 (und_symbol-bar2) is of type R_386_PC16
// CHECK-NEXT: 0x9E R_386_PC16 und_symbol
// Relocation 28 (und_symbol-bar2) is of type R_386_PC8
// CHECK-NEXT: 0xA0 R_386_PC8 und_symbol
// CHECK-NEXT: 0xA3 R_386_GOTOFF und_symbol
// Relocation 29 (zed@PLT) is of type R_386_PLT32 and uses the symbol
// CHECK-NEXT: 0xA9 R_386_PLT32 zed
// CHECK-NEXT: 0xAF R_386_PC32 tr_start
// CHECK-NEXT: 0xB3 R_386_16 foo
// CHECK-NEXT: 0xB5 R_386_8 foo
leal .Lfoo@GOTOFF(%ebx), %eax
.global bar2
calll bar2@PLT
movb bar3@GOTOFF(%ebx), %al
.type bar3,@object
.local bar3
.comm bar3,1,1
movl bar2j@GOT(%eax), %eax
leal foo@TLSGD(, %ebx,1), %eax
movl $foo@TPOFF, %edx
movl foo@INDNTPOFF, %ecx
addl foo@NTPOFF(%eax), %eax
addl foo@GOTNTPOFF(%ebx), %ecx
leal foo@TLSLDM(%ebx), %eax
leal foo@DTPOFF(%eax), %edx
calll 4096
movl zed@GOT(%eax), %eax
movl zed@GOTOFF(%eax), %eax
movl zed@INDNTPOFF(%eax), %eax
movl zed@NTPOFF(%eax), %eax
movl zed@GOTNTPOFF(%eax), %eax
call zed@PLT
movl zed@TLSGD(%eax), %eax
movl zed@TLSLDM(%eax), %eax
movl zed@TPOFF(%eax), %eax
movl zed@DTPOFF(%eax), %eax
pushl $bar
addl foo@GOTTPOFF(%edx), %eax
subl _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_-bar2, %ebx
leal und_symbol-bar2(%edx),%ecx
.word und_symbol-bar2
.byte und_symbol-bar2
leal 1 + und_symbol@GOTOFF, %edi
movl zed@PLT(%eax), %eax
jmpq *tr_start(%rip)
.word foo
.byte foo
.section zedsec,"awT",@progbits
.long 0
.section .rodata.str1.16,"aMS",@progbits,1
.asciz "bool llvm::llvm_start_multithreaded()"