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// RUN: llvm-mc -filetype=obj -triple x86_64-pc-linux-gnu %s -o %t
// RUN: llvm-readobj --symbols %t | FileCheck --check-prefix=SYMBOLS %s
// RUN: llvm-nm %t | FileCheck --check-prefix=NM %s
// Test that symbol a has a section that could be confused with common (0xFFF2)
// SYMBOLS: Name: a
// SYMBOLS-NEXT: Value: 0x0
// SYMBOLS-NEXT: Size: 0
// SYMBOLS-NEXT: Binding: Local (0x0)
// SYMBOLS-NEXT: Type: None (0x0)
// SYMBOLS-NEXT: Other: 0
// SYMBOLS-NEXT: Section: bar (0xFFF2)
// Test that we don't get confused
// NM: 0000000000000000 r a
.macro gen_sections4 x
.section a\x
.section b\x
.section c\x
.section d\x
.macro gen_sections8 x
gen_sections4 a\x
gen_sections4 b\x
.macro gen_sections16 x
gen_sections8 a\x
gen_sections8 b\x
.macro gen_sections32 x
gen_sections16 a\x
gen_sections16 b\x
.macro gen_sections64 x
gen_sections32 a\x
gen_sections32 b\x
.macro gen_sections128 x
gen_sections64 a\x
gen_sections64 b\x
.macro gen_sections256 x
gen_sections128 a\x
gen_sections128 b\x
.macro gen_sections512 x
gen_sections256 a\x
gen_sections256 b\x
.macro gen_sections1024 x
gen_sections512 a\x
gen_sections512 b\x
.macro gen_sections2048 x
gen_sections1024 a\x
gen_sections1024 b\x
.macro gen_sections4096 x
gen_sections2048 a\x
gen_sections2048 b\x
.macro gen_sections8192 x
gen_sections4096 a\x
gen_sections4096 b\x
.macro gen_sections16384 x
gen_sections8192 a\x
gen_sections8192 b\x
.macro gen_sections32768 x
gen_sections16384 a\x
gen_sections16384 b\x
gen_sections32768 a
gen_sections16384 b
gen_sections8192 c
gen_sections4096 d
gen_sections2048 e
gen_sections1024 f
gen_sections512 g
gen_sections256 h
gen_sections128 i
gen_sections64 j
gen_sections32 k
gen_sections8 l
gen_sections4 m
.section foo
.section foo2
.section foo3
.section bar, "a"