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* Double-precision vector sin function.
* Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
* See for license information.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include "mathlib.h"
#include "v_math.h"
static const double Poly[] = {
/* worst-case error is 3.5 ulp.
abs error: 0x1.be222a58p-53 in [-pi/2, pi/2]. */
#define C7 v_f64 (Poly[0])
#define C6 v_f64 (Poly[1])
#define C5 v_f64 (Poly[2])
#define C4 v_f64 (Poly[3])
#define C3 v_f64 (Poly[4])
#define C2 v_f64 (Poly[5])
#define C1 v_f64 (Poly[6])
#define InvPi v_f64 (0x1.45f306dc9c883p-2)
#define Pi1 v_f64 (0x1.921fb54442d18p+1)
#define Pi2 v_f64 (0x1.1a62633145c06p-53)
#define Pi3 v_f64 (0x1.c1cd129024e09p-106)
#define Shift v_f64 (0x1.8p52)
#define RangeVal v_f64 (0x1p23)
#define AbsMask v_u64 (0x7fffffffffffffff)
__attribute__ ((noinline)) static v_f64_t
specialcase (v_f64_t x, v_f64_t y, v_u64_t cmp)
return v_call_f64 (sin, x, y, cmp);
V_NAME(sin) (v_f64_t x)
v_f64_t n, r, r2, y;
v_u64_t sign, odd, cmp;
r = v_as_f64_u64 (v_as_u64_f64 (x) & AbsMask);
sign = v_as_u64_f64 (x) & ~AbsMask;
cmp = v_cond_u64 (v_as_u64_f64 (r) >= v_as_u64_f64 (RangeVal));
/* n = rint(|x|/pi). */
n = v_fma_f64 (InvPi, r, Shift);
odd = v_as_u64_f64 (n) << 63;
n -= Shift;
/* r = |x| - n*pi (range reduction into -pi/2 .. pi/2). */
r = v_fma_f64 (-Pi1, n, r);
r = v_fma_f64 (-Pi2, n, r);
r = v_fma_f64 (-Pi3, n, r);
/* sin(r) poly approx. */
r2 = r * r;
y = v_fma_f64 (C7, r2, C6);
y = v_fma_f64 (y, r2, C5);
y = v_fma_f64 (y, r2, C4);
y = v_fma_f64 (y, r2, C3);
y = v_fma_f64 (y, r2, C2);
y = v_fma_f64 (y, r2, C1);
y = v_fma_f64 (y * r2, r, r);
/* sign. */
y = v_as_f64_u64 (v_as_u64_f64 (y) ^ sign ^ odd);
if (unlikely (v_any_u64 (cmp)))
return specialcase (x, y, cmp);
return y;