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; RUN: opt -jump-threading < %s -S -o - | FileCheck %s
; Reproducer for PR47297.
; The pass did previously not report a correct Modified status in the case
; where a terminator's condition was successfully constant folded, but there
; were no other transformations done. This was caught by the pass return
; status check that is hidden under EXPENSIVE_CHECKS.
; CHECK-LABEL: entry:
; CHECK-NEXT: br i1 icmp eq (i32 ptrtoint (i16* @a to i32), i32 0), label %overflow, label %cont
@a = internal global i16 0
define void @foo(i16 %d) {
%.not = icmp eq i16 zext (i1 icmp ne (i32 ptrtoint (i16* @a to i32), i32 0) to i16), 0
br i1 %.not, label %overflow, label %cont
overflow: ; preds = %entry
call void @bar()
br label %cont
cont: ; preds = %overflow, %entry
ret void
declare void @bar()