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; NOTE: Assertions have been autogenerated by utils/
; RUN: opt < %s -S -globals-aa -early-cse-memssa -earlycse-debug-hash | FileCheck %s
define i16 @f1() readonly {
ret i16 0
declare void @f2()
; Check that EarlyCSE correctly handles function calls that don't have
; a MemoryAccess. In this case the calls to @f1 have no
; MemoryAccesses since globals-aa determines that @f1 doesn't
; read/write memory at all.
define void @f3() {
; CHECK-NEXT: [[CALL1:%.*]] = call i16 @f1()
; CHECK-NEXT: call void @f2()
; CHECK-NEXT: ret void
%call1 = call i16 @f1()
call void @f2()
%call2 = call i16 @f1()
ret void