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; RUN: opt < %s -S -passes=coro-early | FileCheck %s
%struct.A = type <{ i64, i64, i32, [4 x i8] }>
define void @f(%struct.A* nocapture readonly noalias align 8 %a) {
%id = call token 0, i8* null, i8* null, i8* null)
%size = call i32 @llvm.coro.size.i32()
%alloc = call i8* @malloc(i32 %size)
%hdl = call i8* @llvm.coro.begin(token %id, i8* %alloc)
call void @print(i32 0)
%s1 = call i8 @llvm.coro.suspend(token none, i1 false)
switch i8 %s1, label %suspend [i8 0, label %resume
i8 1, label %cleanup]
call void @print(i32 1)
br label %cleanup
%mem = call i8* %id, i8* %hdl)
call void @free(i8* %mem)
br label %suspend
call i1 @llvm.coro.end(i8* %hdl, i1 0)
ret void
; check that the noalias attribute is removed from the argument
; CHECK: define void @f(%struct.A* nocapture readonly align 8 %a)
declare token, i8*, i8*, i8*)
declare i8* @llvm.coro.begin(token, i8*)
declare i8*, i8*)
declare i32 @llvm.coro.size.i32()
declare i8 @llvm.coro.suspend(token, i1)
declare void @llvm.coro.resume(i8*)
declare void @llvm.coro.destroy(i8*)
declare i1 @llvm.coro.end(i8*, i1)
declare noalias i8* @malloc(i32)
declare void @print(i32)
declare void @free(i8*)