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;; Sparc backend can't currently handle variable allocas with
;; alignment greater than the stack alignment. This code ought to
;; compile, but doesn't currently.
;; RUN: not --crash llc -march=sparc < %s 2>&1 | FileCheck %s
;; RUN: not --crash llc -march=sparcv9 < %s 2>&1 | FileCheck %s
;; CHECK: ERROR: Function {{.*}} required stack re-alignment
define void @variable_alloca_with_overalignment(i32 %num) {
%aligned = alloca i32, align 64
%var_size = alloca i8, i32 %num, align 4
call void @foo(i32* %aligned, i8* %var_size)
ret void
;; Same but with the alloca itself overaligned
define void @variable_alloca_with_overalignment_2(i32 %num) {
%var_size = alloca i8, i32 %num, align 64
call void @foo(i32* null, i8* %var_size)
ret void
declare void @foo(i32*, i8*);