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; RUN: llc < %s -march=avr | FileCheck %s
; Checks that `sin` and `cos` nodes are expanded into calls to
; the `sin` and `cos` runtime library functions.
; On AVR, the only floats supported are 32-bits, and so the
; function names have no `f` or `d` suffix.
declare float @llvm.sin.f32(float %x)
declare float @llvm.cos.f32(float %x)
define float @do_sin(float %a) {
; CHECK-LABEL: do_sin:
; CHECK: {{sin$}}
%result = call float @llvm.sin.f32(float %a)
ret float %result
; CHECK-LABEL: do_cos:
; CHECK: {{cos$}}
define float @do_cos(float %a) {
%result = call float @llvm.cos.f32(float %a)
ret float %result