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//===-- Unittests for call_once -------------------------------------------===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include "include/threads.h"
#include "src/threads/call_once.h"
#include "src/threads/mtx_destroy.h"
#include "src/threads/mtx_init.h"
#include "src/threads/mtx_lock.h"
#include "src/threads/mtx_unlock.h"
#include "src/threads/thrd_create.h"
#include "src/threads/thrd_join.h"
#include "utils/UnitTest/Test.h"
#include <stdatomic.h>
static constexpr unsigned int num_threads = 5;
static atomic_uint thread_count;
static unsigned int call_count;
static void call_once_func() { ++call_count; }
static int func(void *) {
static once_flag flag = ONCE_FLAG_INIT;
__llvm_libc::call_once(&flag, call_once_func);
++thread_count; // This is a an atomic update.
return 0;
TEST(LlvmLibcCallOnceTest, CallFrom5Threads) {
// Ensure the call count and thread count are 0 to begin with.
call_count = 0;
thread_count = 0;
thrd_t threads[num_threads];
for (unsigned int i = 0; i < num_threads; ++i) {
ASSERT_EQ(__llvm_libc::thrd_create(threads + i, func, nullptr),
for (unsigned int i = 0; i < num_threads; ++i) {
int retval;
ASSERT_EQ(__llvm_libc::thrd_join(threads + i, &retval),
ASSERT_EQ(retval, 0);
EXPECT_EQ(static_cast<unsigned int>(thread_count), 5U);
EXPECT_EQ(call_count, 1U);
static mtx_t once_func_blocker;
static void blocking_once_func() {
static atomic_uint start_count;
static atomic_uint done_count;
static int once_func_caller(void *) {
static once_flag flag;
__llvm_libc::call_once(&flag, blocking_once_func);
return 0;
// Test the synchronization aspect of the call_once function.
// This is not a fool proof test, but something which might be
// useful when we add a flakiness detection scheme to UnitTest.
TEST(LlvmLibcCallOnceTest, TestSynchronization) {
start_count = 0;
done_count = 0;
ASSERT_EQ(__llvm_libc::mtx_init(&once_func_blocker, mtx_plain),
// Lock the blocking mutex so that the once func blocks.
thrd_t t1, t2;
ASSERT_EQ(__llvm_libc::thrd_create(&t1, once_func_caller, nullptr),
ASSERT_EQ(__llvm_libc::thrd_create(&t2, once_func_caller, nullptr),
while (start_count != 2)
; // Spin until both threads start.
// Since the once func is blocked, the threads should not be done yet.
EXPECT_EQ(static_cast<unsigned int>(done_count), 0U);
// Unlock the blocking mutex so that the once func blocks.
int retval;
ASSERT_EQ(__llvm_libc::thrd_join(&t1, &retval),
ASSERT_EQ(retval, 0);
ASSERT_EQ(__llvm_libc::thrd_join(&t2, &retval),
ASSERT_EQ(retval, 0);
ASSERT_EQ(static_cast<unsigned int>(done_count), 2U);