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# This includes the Bourne shell library from llvm-top. Since this file is
# generally only used when building from llvm-top, it is safe to assume that
# llvm is checked out into llvm-top in which case .. just works.
if test -z "$LLVM_TOP" ; then
. ../
. "$LLVM_TOP/"
# Call the library function to process the arguments
process_arguments "$@"
function add_config_option() {
local name="$1"
lc=`echo ${name} | tr 'A-Z_' 'a-z-'`
if test -z "${!name}" -o "${!name}" -eq 0 ; then
config_options="$config_options --disable-$lc"
config_options="$config_options --enable-$lc"
# See if we have previously been configured by sensing the presense
# of the config.status scripts
if test ! -x "config.status" ; then
# We must configure, so build a list of configure options
config_options="--config-cache --prefix=$PREFIX --with-llvm-top=$LLVM_TOP"
config_options="$config_options --with-destdir='$DESTDIR'"
config_options="$config_options $OPTIONS_DASH_DASH"
add_config_option ASSERTIONS
add_config_option CHECKING
add_config_option DEBUG
add_config_option DOXYGEN
add_config_option OPTIMIZED
add_config_option OPT_FOR_SIZE
add_config_option PROFILING
add_config_option STRIPPED
add_config_option THREADS
add_config_option VERBOSE
msg 0 Configuring $module with:
msg 0 " ./configure" $config_options
if test "$VERBOSE" -eq 0 ; then
config_options="$config_options --quiet"
./configure $config_options || (echo "Can't configure llvm" ; exit 1)
msg 0 Building $MODULE with:
msg 0 " make" $build_opts
make $build_opts