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APPLE LOCAL file testsuite
This file lists the markers for local changes that are by their nature
not testable, such as source code tweaks that don't directly affect
compiler behavior. Every other local change must have at least one
test case.
Note that if a local change fixes a bug that is exposed by an existing
test, then by definition the local change should go into FSF GCC
instead of being listed here.
MW compatibility
Mach time
OS pragma hook
RTX_COST for multiply
Stripped encodings ('!T_' and '!t_') should match.
branch cost
code size reduction / performance enhancement
combine hoisted consts
compare >= 0, not > 0.
darwin host
darwin mmap bug workaround
default to ppro
do not extern fp save/restore
don't define SAVE_FP_PREFIX and friends
fat builds readability
finish file hook
fix prototypes
fix redundant add?
include guard for darwin.h
interrupt signal handler (radar 2941633)
keep tables in sync comment
make easy_vector_constant globally visible (rs6000-protos.h)
more orphaned code
move is_class_name to stub-objc.c
move lookup_interface to stub-objc.c
move lookup_objc_ivar to stub-objc.c
multiply cost pulled into function
objc finish file
order files
prune man page
reduce code size
remove a stub tweak
remove machopic_output_possible_stub_label
rename for HFS
separate outputdir
time formatting
try to improve ggc
work around a makeinfo complaint